Wanted: Avalanche Gear

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Avalanche Gear

1) BLACK DIAMOND REVELATION ($169; bdel.com)
This 3.3-pound, 2,750-cubic-inch pack carries skis effortlessly and has an easy-to-reach pocket for shovel and probe.

2) BCA TRACKER ($310; bcaccess.com)
Experts agree: It's the easiest digital beacon to use. An instructional video by Teton Gravity Research (sold separately, $10, tetongravity.com) shows you how.

3) LIFE LINK PIT BOSS ($60; life-link.com)
Exum guide Mark Newcomb helped design the Pit Boss shovel, making it exactly 30 centimeters wide for standardized compression, tap, and shear tests.

4) G3 320TECH SPEED PRO PROBE ($102; genuineguidegear.com)
The 3.2-meter probe has laser-etched graduations every five millimeters and is made from light and sturdy Easton aluminum.

You may not be able to read temperature gradients or analyze snow crystals like the pros, but the grid-paper notebook and inclinometer—to check for dangerous (30- to 45-degree) slope angles—are must-haves in the backcountry.

6) ORTOVOX SCHNEESÄGE ($63; ortovox.com)
Weighing less than a quarter-pound, the Schneesà¤ge (that's German for "disturbingly serrated horror-movie blade) is double-edged and attaches to Ortovox shovels so you can cut cornices, rutschblock tests, and avy pits.

7) BLACK DIAMOND AVALUNG II ($125; avalung.com)
The AvaLung redistributes your carbon dioxide—laden exhaled breath from in front of your face to behind your back, adding precious minutes to survival time if you get buried.