Wanted: Music

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Wanted: Music


($330; sirius.com)

Plug this sleek handset into your car or home dock, record up to 50 hours of commercial-free music, NPR, or sports (including radio programs hosted by Bode Miller and Jonny Moseley), and then listen to it anywhere you want. It'll also play MP3s-and boasts six hours of battery life.

SKULLCANDY MACGYVER MP3 WATCH ($230; skullcandy.com)
With 512 MB of memory, the well-named MacGyver can play music, store files, and transfer data via a USB port in the band. The 1 GB version costs $300.

APPLE IPOD NANO 4GB ($250; apple.com)
The wafer-thin Nano holds as much music (70 hours) as the discontinued iPod Mini but ups the ante with a color screen and a Microsoft Outlook-compatible address book.

MOTOROLA ROKR E1 ($250; motorola.com)
The only iTunes-compatible phone on the market, this Bluetooth-enabled handset holds 100 songs and features a built-in camera.

OAKLEY THUMP 2 SUNGLASSES ($450; oakley.com)
Oakley's second-generation MP3-playing sunglasses are less techy-looking and sport easy-to-adjust earbuds. This price gets you 1 GB of memory - $300 gets you 256 MB.