Who Will Buy K2, Marker, Volkl

Okay, so they're for sale but, who is going to cough up the dollars for these "non-performing" brands?

We're sure you have heard the big snowsports news that Newell Brand, who purchased Jarden earlier this year, is making a change in their priorities and snowsports didn't make the cut. Looking to focus on growth and value creation, Newell has decided to cut a large portion of their Winter Sports businesses such as Volkl, Marker and K2 that hold about 10 percent of their entire portfolio.

Ingrid Backstrom Action

The commotion all started when Seth Morrison and Andy Mahre were "let go" from K2's roster of athletes. This immediatly caused chaos in the ski community with thoughts of, "Is K2 going under?" We, at Skiing, think that everyone just needs to slow their roll a minute and think about what a positive impact it could have on these brands.

We're hoping that new ownership will bring big, new, exciting things in the direction of all of these companies but, the big questions remains... Who will buy them?