Women's Skis: In the Shop

Ski Test 2003
  • Size Matters. The right ski length depends on height, weight and skiing ability, but a good rule of thumb is that skis should not reach above your forehead.

    Try before you buy. Look for demo opportunities and ski on as many different skis and lengths as you can. This is a great way to know that you'll love what you buy.

    Stay tuned. After you purchase skis, tune and wax them often, or, better yet, have the shop do it.

    Get to know your bootfitter. Basic boot alignment issues are all that stand between you and great turns. Get an alignment assessment and ask about softer flexing boots and lower cuffs (see boot reviews on the right sidebar). Most importantly, get custom-molded footbeds.

  • Think positively. Don't undersell your ability. Tell ski shop employees what snow conditions you like and how aggressively you ski. Choose equipment that will help you progress.
  • Watch out for package deals. Equipment sold in packages may be cheaper, but it might not be right for you. Buy boots and skis that fit your body type and ability. Don't confuse systems-bindings made especially for a ski-with packages. Systems can create a good synergy-just watch the price.
  • Don't neglect yourself. Spend a bit more on yourself-instead of the entire budget on your family-and you'll be happier on the slopes. Take a women-only ski clinic. (For information on women's clinics, go to www.skimag.com, and search for "Women's Clinics.")