Gear Guide 2018: Women's Value Skis

Six inexpensive lady-specific skis that absolutely rip.
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There are two truths in skiing: it can be fun, and it can be expensive. To help keep it awesome but fight the man, we tested a number of skis that don’t require a small bank loan. While they might not have all the carbon fiber bells and Titanal whistles, our testers made turns on these skis alongside every other pair found in SKI’s Gear Guide.

To qualify as a “Value Ski,” the price for a pair must be less than $650 (or $850 if bindings are included), and it must be enjoyable to ski. There is no width prerequisite, so any ski category can make the cut. We take the ski’s overall average test score, multiply it by 1,000, and divide it by the price to come up with a Value Score. These are the planks with smallest price tags that stood out.

Pro Tip: Prices here are MSRP, so these skis are probably marked at a lower price in-store. You’re welcome.

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