Z Blok Sunblock

Non-sissy sunscreen. Because cancer sucks.
Z Blok

Raccoon-eyed goggle tans used to be a cool way to prove that you were hard-core and went skiing all the time. Know what’s trendy now? Not getting cancer. That’s why sun block is important. I smeared on Z Blok sunscreen for a full day of off-season training—riding my bike and drinking beer—and barely even got rosy cheeks. Z Blok goes on thick and requires some muscle to rub in. According to the manufacturer that’s because they included zinc oxide, the stuff lifeguards put on their noses, which protects against UVA rays. Those rays are the ones that really mess up your skin. Science aside, it stayed on all day, didn’t give me any weird rashes or bumps, and smelled like oranges.

[$15 for 4 oz.; www.zbloksun.com]