Zay ZR 130 (2016)

Zay ZR 130 - 2016 Ski Gear Reviews and Deals
2016 Zay ZR 130

Rating: / 5
Price: $850.00
Year: 2016
Level: 3
Gender: Female

It doesn't take a long look to see that there's something different going on here. Zay forgoes tried-and-true buckle concept for securing the foot. Instead it uses a proprietary, forefoot-wrapping cable closure that simultaneously secures the foot in the lower shell and governs flex. The cables loop the forefoot of the lower then route through the sole, out the spine, and into a cuff-lever assembly. Zay is not a household name, but it is not brand new either. This is our second time testing the still-fledgling brand and we found it better mannered after a year of seasoning. Testers were very positive about the new liner fit, which eliminated many of the hot spots they found last year. Testers said the shell's unique polyurethane "cast molding" process creates a light, lively feeling boot that is both laterally and torsionally stout. All this comes with a long, progressive flex that tethers back into the cable system. It's certainly different, but it added up to snappy, stable, high-performance skiability at any speed.

Zay ZR 130 - 2016 Ski Gear Reviews and Deals