Whoever coined the term “lifestyle sport” must have had people like Gordon Precious in mind. Most people who are fortunate enough to live for almost a century would probably choose to celebrate their 95th birthday by relaxing at home surrounded by friends and family. Gordon Precious, a Hamilton, Ont. native, had something else in mind. 

Instead of opting to relax on his milestone birthday, he took to the slopes with CMH Heli-Skiing to do the one thing he can’t live without. By skiing with CMH in March of 2019, Precious became the oldest person ever to heli-ski and he did so with enough style and grace to make any young gun look silly. 

Gordon Precious Sets Heli-Skiing World Record

Flanked by his wife Tracy and grandson Trevor, Gordon spent the rest of the day ripping up the best of what British Columbia’s Cariboo Mountains have to offer under bluebird skies. 

A lifetime traveler and die-hard skier, Precious embodies the spirit of skiing in the fullest. “It’s so inspirational to see the unbridled joy that skiing can bring to people at any age,” Precious’ grandson said in a press release. “Whether it's my kids learning to ski at Caledon on the 100 meter Ontario hill or a 95-year-old who has skied most of the world, it's still that same exhilarating delight of careening down a mountain on snow.”

Gordon and grandson Trevor Young at landing

Gordon and grandson Trevor Young at a landing zone.

Now 96, Precious has his sights set on celebrating an entire century on this planet in similar fashion. “I’m looking forward to my 100th-year heli-skiing", says Gordon, and we have no doubt he’ll achieve that goal, for skiing has an undeniable way of keeping people coming back for more. 

So next time you need that extra bit of motivation to get out of bed, think of 96-year-old Gordon—how he’s probably already out there, ready to whoop your butt down anything the mountain throws his way. 

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