During the dog days of summer, DPS gives solace to snow seekers and lowers prices on their unique skis. The beginning of the sale starts on August 3, 2020, both in stores and online, and will continue through Aug. 18.

“This is a great time to add some stoke to the ski-sphere by offering limited edition skis and also introducing our new line for 2020/21," says Alex Hunt, the brand's marketing and communications lead. "We can't stop thinking about those deep winter pow days, this is a time to celebrate those memories while dreaming of more turns to come next winter.”

DPS is known for its commitment to domestic production and its highly skilled craftsmen. Each ski is brought from an idea on a paper to fruition in Salt Lake City, UT and this type of production is what makes the brand so unique. 

“With the ability to build and then test skis in the nearby Wasatch Mountains on the same day, we can quickly fine-tune our skis during the R+D process,” Hunt explains.

DPS skis are edged in the brand's SLC factory

Behind the scenes at the DPS factory in Salt Lake City, UT.

DPS produces some of the most unique skis on the market and their unique creations are highlighted during the Dreamtime sale. The event is marked by the release of the annual limited edition skis which are deemed as “‘artwork’ creations made in DPS' Salt Lake City, Utah factory, and are never reproduced again," says Hunt.

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2020 Dreamtime Alchemist Wailer Graphic

DPS Cold Smoke limited edition skis.

The new Pagoda line from DPS, which will be part of the sale, has two collections: One for in-bounds funs named the Pagoda Piste; the other a sweet tour set up entitled the Pagoda Tour. Both collections “utilize a similar horizontal stacking of elements between layers of carbon fiber to dissipate vibrations and damp the usual chatter associated with carbon-built skis," says Hunt. 

The skis incorporate what DPS is most known for—carbon fiber—with a mixture of hard and softwood. A new damping technique is used in the Pagoda line that allows the ski to have a smoother ride at higher speeds without sacrificing the lightweight and efficiency that carbon fiber is known for.

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DPS employee builds a face shield

DPS manufacturing team working to create PPE for healthcare workers 

The commitment to American made products allowed the brand to step up to the plate and help amidst the COVID-19 pandemic in the states. During the pandemic, DPS has been producing PPE equipment for local and national healthcare workers. The pivot in production was quick and drastic and required the cooperation of multiple companies unrelated to the cause “including outdoor companies and an industrial equipment manufacturer—to lead a multi-company consortium down a path of community assistance,” says Hunt. 

The R&D team at DPS worked overtime to successfully manufacture over 80,000 face shields for the Utah Department of Health, despite no prior experience in creating PPE. The production of face shields by DPS not only impacted front line workers but also their employees as they all kept their jobs.

Watch:  DPS and Utah Outdoor Community creates face shields for healthcare workers

Madison Ostergren recently joined the DPS team as an athlete and as part of the marketing team. Ostergren is the first female DPS koala athlete after joining the brand last season. A competitive career in ski racing including a four-year term as an NCAA athlete means Ostergren knows how to judge a good pair of skis. 

Madison O skis pow

Madison Ostergren shredding pow on DPS skis 

"It has always been really important to me to have equipment and skis that I can trust and rely on, in all different conditions and elements," says Ostergren. "That’s where DPS has it dialed. I’m stoked to not only be a part of the DPS team, but to be able to be a part of a family and a company that cares so much about creating the Worlds most advanced skis. The fact that our skis are made in our factory here in Salt Lake City is amazing, but more importantly, the design, engineering, and construction of each ski is unique, powerful, and inspiring.” 

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