After working with Line Skis for two decades, Eric Pollard announced that he has moved on from the company. Pollard's professional career started at the age of 15 when he first became sponsored by Line. Now 36, Pollard expressed his gratitude to the organization as he officially announced his departure via Instagram. After his partnership with Line ended in August of 2019, the skier has posted a compilation of work achieved with Line on his social media channels. 

Needless to say, twenty-one years of dedication and sponsorship from one organization is a huge accomplishment within the ski industry.

Eric Pollard experiences the single chairs of Japan. 

Eric Pollard experiences the single chairs of Japan. 

Line Skis employees and athletes, past and present, have served as inspirational figures throughout Pollard's career. From engineers behind the construction of his 48 ski models to the factory workers and marketing specialists making his ideas come to life, Pollard is grateful for the individuals he has had the opportunity to work beside. He plans to show his appreciation to fellow athletes as he continues to follow their tracks, always impressed by the contributions they bring to the sport of skiing.

Eric Pollard's 48 ski models

Twenty-one years and 48 ski models later. 

Pollard's talents extend beyond just skiing. Art and design play a huge role in his life. Not only did he excel as an athlete for Line, but he also worked closely with the company to produce gear and equipment that improved his skiing and the abilities of others. He is very proud of the products he created and characterizes himself through the designs of his work.

Eric Pollard designing and constructing his product.

"As you design your product, you also design your life." Quote from Pollard's film "Drawn From Here". 

Pollard will continue to showcase his talents in video production through Nimbus Independent, a film production company he started with Pep Fujas, Andy Mahre, and Chris Benchetler in 2007. The four skiers share their passion with a goal to bring different perspectives into ski movies. Pollard’s latest film, “Drawn From Here,” won Movie of the Year at the 2019 Powder Video Awards. The film explores all of Pollard’s disciplines, how they are interrelated, and the inspiring aspects of skiing.

“To everyone who has supported me by purchasing the skis I design, thank you. It is you who have made the last two decades real. It has been a dream come true.” says Pollard. As this chapter of his life comes to a close, Pollard takes this meaningful time to reflect on all that has gone into making his ski career up to this point a success. 

Watch: 'Drawn From Here'

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