Fischer Announces Grants Program

With a first-year commitment of $20,000 in support, the Fischer Grants hopes to grow the market of millennial and younger populations.

Fischer Sports announced last week that they are launching the Fischer Grants Program, aimed at promoting access and engagement to skiing in the United States. They will focus on youth and under-served ski population, snowmaking efforts, education and outreach.

Get your carv on
Get your carv on for a good cause.Photo courtesy of Fischer Sports

Cost, access, and education are some of the challenges keeping the sport from growing. So Fischer chose to focus on under-served ski populations due to a loss in small, family ski areas and localized skiing programs over the last twenty years. Their goal with this grant is to lower the bar for entry and give more opportunities for people to try and experience skiing. In other words, they want to reach new people and get them skiing. 

With a history of equipment support to outreach and nonprofit programs, this grant is an evolution of Fischer’s past outreach and a commitment to the sport. The first-ever of these annual grants was given to Duluth Cross Country as a matching grant to support their forthcoming snowmaking efforts. 

Fischer Sports chose Duluth as their first grant because this project has a strong organization behind it and the grant will make an immediate impact to the community. Culturally, Duluth has been a great place for young nordic skiers to get their start thanks to committed coaches and a culture that is passionate about skiing. 

“This is a logical place for us to launch the Fischer Grants program,” described Fischer Nordic National Sales Manager, Steve Reeder, in a press release. “The Duluth project will increase access to skiing for kids, promote healthy lifestyles and help curb the effects climate change has on variable winters in the area. We’re thrilled to be able to support Duluth XC with this first Fischer Grant.”

The awarded grant to Duluth aspires to curb the effects of climate change to help mitigate some of the low-snow years, and help solidify education programs that rely on a regular schedule of skiing. Future grants are likely to enable more snow making, education programs and outreach.

Future monetary and equipment support grants will be accepted on a rolling basis throughout the winter of 2018-2019, with a June 1st deadline for applications. Learn more and apply at