Warren Miller Entertainment’s ‘Future Retro’ to Premiere Virtually

Even without an extensive nationwide tour, the company’s 71st film will keep the stoke of winter alive.
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Future Retro - Amie and Lexi hiking

Amie Engerbretsen and Lexi DuPont while filming "Future Retro" in Switzerland.

After announcing the name of the company’s 71st film over Labor Day weekend, Warren Miller Entertainment (WME) announced on September 17 that “Future Retro” will be premiered as a digital event in November. While there might not be athlete autographs and swag tosses this year, there are still plenty of great aspects that will please ski movie fans of all ages.

“Key factors [for the virtual premiere choice] were lack of availability and assurance of theater operations,” says Josh Haskins, managing director of content at WME. “There were too many variables while planning the tour and we needed to prioritize the health and safety of our audience.”

Tanner Rainville skiing in Alaska

Völkl athlete Tanner Rainville skiing in Alaska.

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To kick things off, WME will host an hour-long livestream of the Virtual Red Carpet. Athletes, vintage reels, and an introduction to the new film will take place. Attendees will still receive discounts, giveaways, and door prizes during the pre-show and intermission.

The Virtual Red Carpet will be hosted by Jonny Moseley, who will be doing behind-the-scenes chats with athletes and other key people involved with the production of “Future Retro.”

“Hopefully the convenience and accessibility of the virtual experience will reach a new and wider audience who may not have been able to attend a live show for geographical or other reasons, and of course we're excited to provide the event atmosphere virtually to our dedicated long time fans,” continues Haskins. “They will just need to be their own bartenders during the show.”

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While we have to wait until October for the “Future Retro” trailer, WME did release the movie’s athlete list. While it will be great to see staple athletes of recent films—Jim Ryan, Kaylin Richardson, Amie Engerbretson, Marcus Caston, and others—the names John Egan, Dan Egan, and Scot Schmidt should excite fans of the ‘80s and ‘90s Warren Miller Classics. The film destinations include Vermont, Switzerland, Iceland, Montana, Antarctica, and Utah.

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