Leki Offers Full Ride Scholarship to Party Beach Ski Camps

For the third year, Leki offers one lucky junior racer a golden ticket to Mt. Hood summer camp.
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While some skiers can’t fathom spending another second in ski boots once the lifts stop spinning at the end of the season, some skiers—young skiers who dedicate their every waking hour to skiing—can’t fathom a day out of ski boots, even in the summer. It’s these young athletes who flock to the glacier on Mt. Hood in Oregon at the peak of summer to get their skiing fix at ski camp.

Now in its third year, Party Beach Ski Camps, founded by professional skiers Marcus Caston and Lyndsay Strange, offers a unique summer ski camp for junior ski racers across the country. The week-long all-inclusive camps are an opportunity for kids to hone their skiing skills, but Party Beach’s real mission is to get kids to fall in love with skiing for life.

“When you love what you are doing, you are going to try harder and have a more meaningful experience,” says Caston, who has been coaching Mt. Hood ski camps for years with Strange. “We noticed that most of the camps up [at Mt. Hood] were just running kids through the paces and going through the motions. I had many friends go through ski racing and burn out to never ski again. We wanted to change the approach and build skiers for life, starting from the bottom up.”

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Marcus Caston certainly knows a thing or two about having fun while skiing. 

Party Beach’s three summer sessions in June and July cater to young skiers interested in big mountain skiing and racing alike, teaching racing fundamentals through drills and race course training alongside “all mountain skiing, feeling comfortable in the air [and] gaining a mountain sense, while staying true to our ski racing roots.”

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“Depending on the day’s conditions, you can learn a new drill to help you carve on ice, learn new tricks off our jumps, have the most fun ever, and leave camp feeling much more balanced on your skis in every condition,” says Caston.

Party Beach Ski Camps, like summer camps across the nation, aren’t cheap, especially when you factor in the cost of skiing itself. Cost can pose a serious entry-barrier to talented young skiers wanting to pursue their passion in the summer months after their local ski area has closed for the season. To eliminate that entry-barrier, Leki is offering a Full Ride Scholarship to one of the three Party Beach Ski Camps sessions to one deserving junior ski racer.

Watch Marcus Caston in "Return of the Turn: Corn"

“This is the third year of the Leki Scholarship where one deserving applicant will receive full camp fees to a session of their choice,” says Caston. “Winning the scholarship isn't about being the most talented athlete on the hill, rather the most passionate, and somebody who brings out the best in everyone around them.”

To be eligible, applicants must demonstrate not only financial need but also a commitment to hard work both on and off the slopes. To apply, skiers need to complete an online application form by May 24 and post a photo on Instagram with a caption explaining why they love to ski, tagging @lekiusa and @partybeachskicamps, and use the hashtag #lekionthebeach #skithebeach. Learn more at Party Beach Ski Camps


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