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Marker Recalls 2017/2018 Kingpin 10 and 13 Bindings

Steel pins in the toe pieces of the latest Kingpin models may be vulnerable to breakage.
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Marker Kingpin 13

Certain models of Marker's Kingpin 10 and 13 bindings are being recalled due to safety concerns related to the binding's toe piece. 

Certain 2017/18 models of the best-selling Marker Kingpin 10 and 13 bindings are being recalled by the brand after extensive testing revealed that the steel pins in the binding’s toe piece may be vulnerable to breakage, leading to lower release forces.

Since it was brought to market in 2014, the Marker Kingpin has made a name for itself as one of the burliest tech bindings out there, and a top choice for shredders who want a binding that does it all and doesn’t compromise on downhill performance in the backcountry. Considering the binding’s target market—powerful skiers who drive their wide skis hard—the possibility of the toe releasing at lower forces is cause for concern.

“We are aware of our responsibility as a manufacturer when it comes to safety, especially with regard to ski touring in the backcountry,” Jonathan Wiant, President of MDV brands said in a press statement. “This is why after extensive and serious testing and evaluation we decided to recall the whole population of the 2017/18 model, even if the problem affects very few bindings.”

This safety issue only affects 2017/18 models of the Kingpin 10 and Kingpin 13 tech bindings. All Kingpin models with a new Marker logo on the toe piece and featuring a golden or copper color are part of the affected population. Binding owners should find a local dealer in their area to coordinate getting a replacement binding before the ski season starts.

Marker has published an extensive list of all affected models on their website, as well as additional information on how to locate a local dealer to initiate the voluntary recall. Toe pieces on affected bindings will be replaced at no cost to the customer. 


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