This Ski Wax Company Just Invented Beer-Flavored Mustache Wax

After getting funding on "Shark Tank," mountainFLOW has diversified into a new line of men's grooming products perfect for ski bum mouth manes. No word on whether mustache-flavored ski wax is also in the works.

Big news today in the highly competitive ski wax world as mountainFLOW eco-wax announced they are crossing into the men’s grooming category with an innovative line of mustache wax products. Like the brand’s ski wax, the new lip-sweater grease is all-natural and sustainably made. The brand also promises that its products are certain to increase both the sex appeal and attractiveness of those who apply it generously on their cookie dusters.

“At mountainFLOW, we’re always looking to the next horizon of waxing stuff; it’s our passion,” said MountainFLOW’s founder and CEO Peter Arlein in a press release. “After conquering the world of ski wax, it was a tough decision for what to do next, and whenever I have a tough decision, I always find answers by leveling with the man in the mirror, and this was no different.”

The company made news recently when Arlein pitched his wax products on the television show “Shark Tank.” Even though Arlein’s energy and positive demeanor impressed the “Sharks,” it was clear to all who watched that his balai de bouche what really impressed the investors. The Sharks even added in an extra $50,000 deal-sweetener when the hairy caterpillar nesting just below Arlein’s nose winked at Sharks Barbara Corcoran and Kevin O’Leary at just the right time.

The new mountainFLOW mustache eco-wax will be available in three original ski-town flavors: Light Beer, Mountain Musk, and Cool Ranch. Light beer is perfect for the après lover, and Cool Ranch is ideal for anyone who gets the munchies on their next ski trip to Colorado. But true ski bums will be most excited for Mountain Musk, which features a scent described by the company as a “melange of campfire and leather work gloves.”

mountainFLOW plans to launch the new mustache products on April 1, 2021. You can learn more about the products in this helpful video.

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