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Surprise! Nordica Just Unveiled 5 Brand-New Enforcer and Santa Ana Models

Introducing the Enforcer and Santa Ana Unlimited—skis that like to play in the backcountry as much as the resort.

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Christmas is coming early this year for fans of Nordica skis. Today, Nordica officially unveils its brand-spanking-new Unlimited ski lineup, an extension of the brand’s best-selling Enforcer and Santa Ana series. And the best part: These new skis will be on select retail shelves this season.

The Unlimited series introduces three new unisex Enforcer models and two women’s-specific Santa Ana models designed to effortlessly cross over between resort shredding and backcountry adventures. Each new Unlimited model comes from the same mold as its traditional Enforcer/Santa Ana counterpart, but is engineered to be 43 percent lighter while still serving up the killer downhill performance the traditional Enforcer/Santa Ana lines are known for.

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The idea here: These skis aren’t just one-ski quivers for all-mountain resort skiing (like the Enforcers and Santa Anas), but one-ski quivers for all skiing—resort and backcountry. Hence, the “Unlimited” banner and the lineup’s official tagline, “Where boundaries don’t exist.”

Touring on the Nordica Enforcer 93 Unlimited Ski
(Photo: Courtesy of Nordica)

“We’re calling it all-mountain touring,” said Ethan Korpi, Nordica’s North American Product Manager, in a virtual product unveiling to media. “They’re not the lightest touring skis out there, but they’re not the heaviest either. The idea is you can use them to go up, down, and ski them in and out of the resort boundaries.”

The concept of a resort ski that can also hack it in the backcountry isn’t new. Plenty of brands already have skis that they bill as hybrid skis, and while others don’t slap that official nomenclature on some their models, skiers have figured out which skis lend themselves to both resort and backcountry pursuits. The Armada Tracer/Trace, K2 Mindbenders, and Dynastar M-Free skis, for example, which are just light enough to manage skinning yet still have enough backbone to handle resort skiing.

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But you’d have to have some serious thunder thighs to make touring on a traditional Nordica Enforcer or Santa Ana fun. Even after Nordica reduced the amount of metal in those skis, they are still on the beefier, burlier side of the construction spectrum, which is great for high-speed cruising at the resort, but not great for trekking up a skin track.

That’s where these new Enforcer Unlimited and Santa Ana Unlimited models come in. While the traditional Enforcer and Santa Ana include at least one full sheet of metal (Titanal or Nordica’s Terrain Specific Metal) and a dense wood core, the Unlimited models incorporate a carbon chassis, a poplar-beech wood core, thinner top sheets, and shorter edges—all in the name of shaving weight to make the skis 43 percent lighter than their originals.

Nordica Unlimited Ski Construction Layers
Nordica removed the Titanal and replaced it with a new carbon chassis, lighter poplar-beech wood core, and thinner top sheets to make the new Unlimited model lighter than its Enforcer counterpart. (Illustration: Courtesy of Nordica)

The idea of stripping down these skis might have Enforcer and Santa Ana purists clutching their pearls—after all, bad things tend to happen when brands go too light with their ski constructions. But Nordica promises that the Unlimited models maintain the power and stability the OG skis are known for and don’t compromise on downhill performance. We haven’t yet had a chance to test that for ourselves, so for now we’ll take Nordica’s word for it. But believe us, if Nordica went and screwed up their best skis ever, you’re going to hear about it.

And the good news is that the original Enforcers and Santa Anas aren’t going anywhere, so if you’re primarily concerned about inbounds downhill performance, you still have those models to fall back on. But if you’re intrigued by the idea of an all-mountain resort/backcountry quiver killer, stay tuned for early reviews and then act quickly, because once this first, limited 2021 shipment hits stores in mid-November, that’s all you get until Fall 2022.

The Unlimited models are being sold as flat skis, so it’s up to you to decide which binding to add. But if you take a cue from the construction of the skis, you’ll add something like a Marker Kingpin or Salomon Shift—AT bindings that fit in the same resort/backcountry hybrid category as the new Unlimited skis.

Nordica Enforcer Unlimited Lineup and Specifications

Enforcer Unlimited 104

  • Available Lengths (cm): 165, 172, 179, 186, 191
  • Dimensions (mm): 134-104-123 (172cm length)
  • Radius: 16.5m
  • Weight (per ski): 1,540g
  • Price:  $850
Nordica Enforcer Unlimited 104 Ski

Enforcer Unlimited 94

  • Available Lengths: 158, 165, 172, 179, 186
  • Dimensions: 126.5-94-114.5 (172cm length)
  • Radius: 15.5m
  • Weight: 1,460g
  • Price: $800
Nordica Enforcer 94 Unlimited Ski

Enforcer Unlimited 88

  • Available Lengths: 158, 165, 172, 179
  • Dimensions: 121.5-88-109.5 (172cm length)
  • Radius: 15.5m
  • Weight: 1,360g
  • Price: $750
Nordica Enforcer 88 Unlimited

Nordica Santa Ana Unlimited Lineup and Specifications

Santa Ana Unlimited 93

  • Available Lengths: 151, 158, 165, 172
  • Dimensions: 125.5-93-112.5 (165cm length)
  • Radius: 15.5m
  • Weight: 1,310g
  • Price: $750
Nordica Santa Ana 93 Unlimited

Santa Ana Unlimited 88

  • Available Lengths: 151, 158, 165, 172
  • Dimensions: 119-88-107 (165cm length)
  • Radius: 15m
  • Weight: 1,350g
  • Price: $700
Nordica Santa Ana 88 Unlimited

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