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Phunkshun Wear is recognized for its contributions to Colorado’s manufacturing industry.
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Phunkshun Wear is making Colorado great again

Phunkshun Wear's products are made under its own roof in Denver, Colo. 

Funky, outdoorsy, environmentally friendly, and so very Colorado. That’s Phunkshun Wear in a nutshell. So it should come as no surprise that the Denver-based manufacturer of facemasks and base layers designed for skiers and boarders was one of the winners of this year’s Colorado Manufacturing Awards.

Phunkshun Wear's products are made in Denver, Colo.

Women's Sakura Base Layer

This annual award program was established by CompanyWeek in an effort to spotlight companies helping to revive the manufacturing economy in Colorado. “We’re also convinced that bringing together companies from across industries fuels collaboration,” said Bart Taylor, founder and publisher of CompanyWeek, in a press statement. “We’re excited to help these industry leaders expand the manufacturing conversation.”

Phunkshun, a finalist along with Meier Skis and Alchemy Cycles in the Outstanding Outdoor Industry Brand category, took home the award in recognition of their commitment to this year’s theme of “excellence in manufacturing.”

Phunkshun is a rarity in the textile manufacturing world because it cuts and sews its winter accessories and apparel under its own roof in Denver, rather than outsourcing the production process overseas. By keeping it local, Phunkshun is boosting Colorado’s manufacturing industry, which supports 441,000 jobs in the state and contributes approximately $47 billion to Colorado’s GDP.

Phunkshun Wear's products are made in Denver, Colorado

Phunkshun's Double Tube facemask is sustainably produced, not to mention functional and funky. 

Since its start in 2011, Phunkshun has made a point of producing its facemasks, Ballerclavas® and base layers in a sustainable fashion, which means considering its environmental footprint in addition to creating new apparel manufacturing jobs.

Phunkshun’s facemasks are made from Repreve polyester, a textile produced by melting recycled plastic bottles into yarn. Translation: Phunkshun’s most popular mask, the Double Tube Fun Designs, is made from 15 plastic bottles. It’s also moisture-wicking, UPF 50+, and treated with a water repellant to make it freeze resistant. In short: Phunkshun Wear is the cat’s meow.

Phunkshun is one of many Colorado-based companies redefining business practices and production to do more than just meet consumers' demands. Other notable winners of this year's Colorado Manufacturing Awards include Montanya Distillers, Left Hand Brewing Co., and Sarabella Fishing.  


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