This Week’s Big Announcement Means Exciting Things for SKI Readers

SKI's parent company acquires Outside magazine, Outside TV, Gaia GPS, athleteReg, and Peloton Magazine

We received some exciting news yesterday–and it felt a lot like a surprise powder day. SKI Magazine’s parent company acquired Outside magazine, Outside TV, Gaia GPS (the leading mobile mapping application for backcountry adventure), athleteReg (one of the world’s largest event registration services), and Peloton Magazine—all of which are now going to be part of the Active Pass membership we’ve been talking so much about lately.

On top of that, our new company as a whole will now be known as Outside and no longer Pocket Outdoor Media. You can read more about this news here.

For now, we’re focused on how this benefits you, the readers of SKI—and especially those of you who have already signed up for Active Pass. First and foremost, it means SKI is here to stay and it means we have the resources we need to tell the most important, most entertaining, most beautiful stories in skiing. For that, we are grateful.

Our CEO Robin Thurston, who announced these changes, understands that what we do at SKI is driven by our belief that even a single day on skis can change your life—because being a skier is one of the best parts of our lives.

He also knows skiing isn’t the only thing that brings us that kind of joy and fulfillment. We’ve got to do something in the off-season, right? Now, with the acquisition of Outside magazine and these other outdoor brands, we’re able to offer you more stories about inspirational skiers, more gear reviews, more videos from all-time destinations, more road trips, more recipes, and more fitness tips to keep you strong and healthy for next ski season.

The Active Pass membership also gets some serious upgrades. As we bring these brands onto our platform, you’ll see new benefits added to the membership: advanced navigation tools for skiing and backpacking; exclusive access to first-descent documentaries; member-only events and adventures; expanded gear discounts; and—of course—the option to receive Outside magazine in addition to your SKI magazine subscription.

This is all in addition to the premium digital content, magazines, event entries and photography, training plans, recipes, books, a personalized feed, and interactive experiences with editors, pro athletes, coaches, and other experts. Oh, and did we mention access to the Warren Miller film archive?

Hopefully, you are deep in the sweet goodness of a long-awaited winter storm cycle. For us, that means we’re busy putting together the next volume of SKI magazine while also updating our website with daily content essential to skiers. Become a member today and you won’t miss any of it.