Next Stop: Niseko – Dream Job Hires To Explore Hokkaido’s Biggest Ski Resort

Brooklyn-based duo of content creators prepped for a week of adventure in Japan.

As the plane flies, the distance from New York City to Sapporo is over 6,000 miles across the globe. It’s no easy flight and although the jet lag is fierce, the reward at the end of the line is surely worth the trek.

This year, Brooklyn based filmmakers, Alex Broadstock and Kris Roller are headed to the Japanese island of Hokkaido to find out why its largest ski resort, Niseko United is so sought after by skiers and riders. Hint: it definitely has something to do with the 550”+ inches of snow the area averages between December and March.

Skier in Niseko
There’s no place like Niseko.Photo credit: Crystal Sagan

But beyond the deep snow that is as advertised, the magic of this mountain lies in its surprises. Single chairs (also known as ‘the pizza box’), onsens (geothermal fed hot springs), out-of-this-world sushi (try the Unagi–eel), and unbelievable craft whiskey (Toshiro’s) all swirl together to create one unforgettable travel experience.

When asked what’s getting him fired up for such a far-off ski trip, Alex expressed a desire to split time between the skiing and culture and try to give both their due. Kris seconded that sentiment, telling SKI: “To pair authentic eastern culture with amazing skiing is something that’s completely new to me and I can’t wait to make the most of my time in Japan.”

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