Tincup American Whiskey Announces Backcountry Adventures Contest

Win a chance to join world-renowned climbers on a journey to one of Colorado's oldest towns.
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Tincup American Whiskey is giving everyday adventurers the chance to live out their most rugged mountain fantasies with their new Backcountry Adventure Contest.

From August 4-7, 2019, five winners and one friend each will join Tincup Whiskey founder Jesse Graber and the brand's team of adventurers on an excursion to the namesake of the brand, Tincup, Colorado. Originally settled in 1859, Tincup was once home to gold miners and Wild West shootouts. Since then, the ghost town has evolved into a quaint, unincorporated community on the western flank of the Continental Divide. While it no longer hosts pistol duels or mining operations, Tincup is still rugged—it lacks phone service and has only two commercial businesses.

Switchbacks near Tincup Pass

Near Tincup Pass, located east of the town. 

Those interested in participating in the Backcountry Adventure Contest have have until July 11 to follow Tincup on Instagram and post a 'gram-worthy photo of themselves on a mountain, including a caption that summarizes what the chosen mountain means to them.

"[Those] in Colorado are fortunate to have [mountains] out of our backdoor," explains Tincup Whiskey spokesperson Joe Risi. "But if you live in New York City, it might be that one trip to the Adirondacks every year that you look forward to, and we want to hear about that."

The outdoors are central to Tincup Whiskey's brand, but they believe that nature also holds a unique significance to each individual. This social campaign is a way to call attention to and celebrate the powerful bonds that are forged in nature.

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Photos posted to Instagram using the hashtags #YourMountainAwaits and #Contest will be judged according to three elements: the creativity of the photo; the uniqueness and inspirational quality of the caption; and the post's connection to the theme of the contest.

Winners will be named on or around July 15, giving winners about two-and-a-half weeks to find a friend to bring along and prepare for the journey to Tincup, Colo. Preparation should not be very troublesome, as Tincup will provide airfare, lodging, and the necessary gear for the backcountry adventure.

Tincup Adventure Contest Team

Tincup's team: from left to right; Renan Ozturk, Nathaniel Atakora Martin, Isaac Johnston, Sam Elias, Max Lowe, and Shayd Johnson.

While the trip to the tiny and remote town is not a stroll in the park, inexperienced hikers need not be intimidated. The company's team of six renowned climbers and photographers will assist the winners and their guests in whatever capacity is needed.

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The combination of traversing mountains with renowned mountaineers—as well as friends both new and old—add up to something great, or "the ability to inspire people to do rad shit," as Risi puts it.  

With the deadline three weeks away, the contest has already received numerous worthy submissions, so interested contestants should hurry. After all, #YourMountainAwaits.

For more information about the trip or the rules, visit Tincup's website.