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Best All-Purpose Digital Thermometers

Digital thermometers produce very quick and accurate temperature readings on a variety of surfaces. Thermometers are best known for being used in the kitchen or on BBQ to make sure meats and other types of food are cooked thoroughly. However, some of the best all-purpose digital thermometers can also monitor kitchen appliances or assist with automotive and household repairs. Digital thermometers with built-in, infrared laser technology produce pinpoint accuracy, and some products are non-contact, which means the thermometer gun doesn’t even have to touch the surface directly. Added features include automatic alerts when temperatures exceed or drop below a preferred range and automatic power shutoff to conserve battery life. Here's are our

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Largest Temperature Range Capacity

ennoLogic Temperature Gun (Digital Thermometer) 


Quick & Accurate Temperature Readings. Digital thermometer delivers accurate spot and scan readings in seconds. Accurate temperature readings from -58 to 1,922 degrees Fahrenheit. Adjustable emissivity (0.10 - 1.00) improves accuracy of readings.

What We Liked: 

The temperature gun by ennoLogic is an accurate, high temperature, dual-laser, infrared digital thermometer. It is capable of monitoring a massive temperature range from -58 degrees to 1,922 degrees Fahrenheit. The item works great for getting the temperature of foods like pizza and roasts, as well as the surface temperature of items like the oven, range top, grill, refrigerator, or freezer. The digital thermometer scans for leaks in your insulation, too. It’s also dual-purpose and can be used for monitoring air conditioning units, heating vents, and pipes. The dual-laser pointer provides very accurate results with precise targeting of objects. An adjustable emissivity feature (from 0.10 to 1.00) assists with accuracy by taking into account the type of surface you are measuring. In addition, a powerful scanning feature tracks the minimum, maximum, and average readings for a surface area, as opposed to a basic spot reading. The scanning feature is simple to employ by holding the button and running the device over an entire area . Built-in memory stores the previous 20 readings in case you want to review the temperature history of an area over time. Additionally, a high and low temperature alarm is available to provide alerts when temperatures exceed or drop below preferred levels. The digital thermometer is sold with a 9V battery and holster, and the device features an auto shutoff to preserve power. A helpful user manual provides instructions on using key features, including the adjustable emissivity tool. Buy it here.

Best Display for Low Light Settings

Estink Infrared Thermometer


 Accurate Non-Contact Thermometer. Infrared technology uses 12 laser pointers to deliver quick and accurate readings without needing to contact the surface with the gun. Device records temperatures from -58 degrees to 1,022 degrees Fahrenheit. HD LCD display and built-in flashlight support use in the dark.

What We Liked: 

The Estink Infrared Thermometer is a digital, non-contact, infrared laser temperature gun. This all-purpose digital thermometer presents accurate readings on everything from kitchen appliances to food. The built-in LCD display and flashlight make it a top selection for BBQ events, since you can use the device in low light conditions, like grilling in the evening. The Estink Infrared Thermometer is reliable, with 12 built-in laser pointers for spot readings, and since it’s a non-contact thermometer, it does not require placement of the gun directly onto the surface being assessed. Another great feature is that the digital thermometer adjusts its emissivity and signals an alarm for temperatures that exceed or drop below a preferred range. Plus, the HD display presents clear and vivid readouts, and the device shuts off after 25 seconds of inactivity. Accurate temperature readings stretch from -58 degrees to 1,022 degrees Fahrenheit. The device also converts readings to Celsius if desired. In addition to surface temperature readings, the digital thermometer records ambient temperature and dew point. Furthermore, a low power indicator signals when it is time to replace the two AAA batteries required for use. Buy it here.

Top Pick

Etekcity Lasergrip 1080 Digital Thermometer


Reliable Infrared Laser Digital Thermometer. Non-contact digital thermometer collects accurate spot readings from 14-17 inches away from surface. Built-in LCD display shows temperature readings for 20 seconds for constant monitoring of sources.

What We Liked: 

The Etekcity Lasergrip 1080 Digital Thermometer is another popular non-contact laser gun. The digital thermometer measures temperatures within an extreme range of -58 degrees to 1,022 degrees Fahrenheit, similar to the other two items on the list. The Etekcity Lasergrip 1080 Digital Thermometer is comparable to the laser gun by Estink in that it supports a distance to spot ratio of 12:1. There is no need to place the gun directly on the surface being gauged because of its non-contact, infrared laser technology. The manufacturer recommends getting readings from 14-17 inches away from the source for improved accuracy. The Etekcity Lasergrip 1080 Digital Thermometer features a built-in, backlit LCD display, and the auto-off function extends battery life after several seconds of inactivity. A low battery indicator is also displayed when the 9V battery is low on juice. This all-purpose digital thermometer performs well for barbequing, auto maintenance, and home repairs alike, supporting both indoor and outdoor usage for increased versatility. Purchase includes the infrared gun with digital thermometer and display, 9V battery, and user manual. Manufacturer also provides a two-year limited warranty. Get it today.



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