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Best Bath Salts

Though it looks a lot like table salt, bath salts have a different chemical compound than edible salts, and they bring a variety of therapeutic benefits when used properly. Bath salts are merely the name given to these Epsom salt blends that are often scented and typically dissolved in warm bath water. The dissolving process releases the magnesium and sulfate mineral ions in the salt compound that, along with the aromatherapy additions, provide a calming effect that may help to promote sleep and reduce stress. While there's no scientific evidence that backs the beneficial claims often purported to bath salts, there's no denying that a warm, scented bath is a relaxing way to unwind. So we decided to put some bath salts to the test and find out which varieties offered the best overall bathing experience. Check out some of our favorites here.
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Best Scents

San Francisco Salt Company Bath Salts

Choose A Scent & Enjoy Your Bath!

Available in scented options like Oatmeal Honey, Harmony, and Zen for Men, these San Francisco Salt Company Bath Salts are made using premium sea salts and essential oils to deliver a gentle and nourishing bathing experience.

What We Liked

These bath salts are made with natural sea salts derived from naturally dried seawater—a process that takes five years to complete. They are then blended with essential oils like lavender, eucalyptus, and ylang ylang to help provide a relaxing aromatherapy experience that's subtle enough to not overwhelm your senses. With a variety of scents to choose from, these bath salts are suitable for soaking in baths, exfoliating the skin while showering, footbaths, and even hot tubs. Get it here. 

Most Versatile

Epsoak Epsom Salt

Soothe the Senses & Boost Your Garden!

Made from pure, unscented Epsom salt (scented options also available), these Epsoak bath salts dissolve quickly and help to naturally detoxify the skin. They're also suitable to help garden plants get the minerals they need to thrive.

What We Liked

Who knew the same product could be used to enhance your bath-taking experience and also help the plants in your garden thrive? Not us! These quickly dissolving Epsom salts are great for warm baths, showers, and footbaths, but you can also dilute them and spray in the garden to boost the magnesium and sulfur levels of plants. Kill two birds with one stone, so to speak, while reaping the therapeutic and mineral-boosting benefits! Buy it now. 

Most Effective

Solimo Epsom Salt Soak

Eight Pounds of Relaxation in a Bag

Available in a resealable, eight-pound bag, these unscented, large-granule Epsom salts can be used for baths, skin exfoliation, constipation relief, and garden watering.

What We Liked

Perfect for those who like to take baths several times a week but are sensitive to overwhelming fragrances, this eight-pound bag of unscented bath salts provides soothing relief time and time again, saving you from having to constantly refill your bathroom salt stores. In addition to their therapeutic effect in the bath, spa, or shower, these bath salts are suitable as a digestive relief, garden additive, and for making bath bombs. Buy it here. 


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