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Best Bottle Openers

Is there such a place that it's not appropriate to crack open a cold one? We didn’t think so either. That’s why you should always have a bottle opener handy: on your key ring, in your kitchen drawer, on the fridge, in the garage, in your man (or woman) cave, on the boat, in your car—just don't drink and drive—and everywhere in between. Between key ring attachments, wall-mounted rigs, and handhelds, bottle openers come in all shapes and sizes. Some feature other attachments for manual can opening, jar twisting, or prying lids off paint cans. Sure, having just one might do the trick, but you never know where you'll be when a cold bottle of brew will be passed your way, only to find you have no way to crack it open. So, we put together a list of some of our favorites out here. Some openers are one trick ponies, and others are multi-tools. Check out our top picks, and don't be surprised if you find yourself splurging to get them all.

Most Portable

Nite Ize Ahhh Aluminum Dual Bottle Opener

Dual Carabineer Openers

This lightweight aluminum dual bottle opener with stainless steel carabiner clip gates offers a versatile tool to carry keys, clip gear and water bottles to backpacks, and—of course—pop open a cold one anytime.

What We Liked

Available in five colors to match your style and gear, this Nite Ize Ahhh Aluminum Dual Bottle Opener does more than pop bottle tops. And sure, you don’t necessarily need two bottle openers in a single tool, but why not? The S-shaped design provides two carabiner clips integrated into the frame, providing a great key ring or attachment for your backpack and travel gear. It's made of lightweight aluminum weighing in at just 1.2 ounces and, while not suited for climbing, is strong enough to clip on a fully-loaded water bottle or attach a tent or camping pan to a backpack. Talk about functionality! Order Online.

Most Versatile

Jokari Multi Bottle Opener

Opens Bottles, Cans, Jars, and More

Designed to make everyday tasks like can, bottle, and jar opening a little easier, especially for those with arthritis, stiff joints and weakening grip, this handy kitchen tool from Jokari offers a comfortable grip and provides increased leverage.

What We Liked

Whether you suffer from rheumatoid arthritis or simply can't get the cap to budge on a bottle that's been sitting too long, this Jokari Multi Bottle Opener is a must-have for your kitchen drawer. Measuring just over 6 inches in length, the tool features a standard steel opener tool that works to remove bottle caps and open finicky soda cans when the pull tab isn’t cutting it (or you can't get your finger nail under it). The wrench-style grips open and close to secure plastic caps from individual water bottles up to 2-liter soda caps, providing the grip and leverage needed to twist and remove the cap with ease. So, the next time even the most muscle-bound person you know can't twist off a cap, pull the Jokari opener out of your drawer, work its magic, give a wink, and epitomize the idiom of "I got it loose for you." Get It Here.

Most Durable

Orblue Wall-Mounted Bartender's Bottle Opener

A Home Bar Must-Have

A surefire way to impress your friends, the Orblue Wall-Mounted Bartender's Bottle Opener offers the coolest and most convenient way to grab a beer from the fridge, crack it open, and pass it over without ever reaching for another tool.

What We Liked

You know how when you order a beer at a bar, it seems to magically come out of the cooler, handed to you already open, without the bartender reaching for a bar key or bottle opener? It's because of wall-mounted rigs like this version from Orblue. All you need is a wall and two screws (included) to attach this opener next to your fridge. It comes in a set of two so you've got one for the kitchen and one for the garage, man cave, she-shed, or porch. It looks cool, it’s sure to impress your friends, and it allows you to free up one of your hands to do, well, anything else as you grab, crack, and pass the cold ones to your company. Buy Yours Today.

Most Functional

OXO Stainless Steel Bottle and Can Opener

Dual-Purpose Bottle and Can Opener

For opening non-twist off bottles and aluminum cans without a pull-tab, the dual-sided OXO opener allows you to access your liquid of choice quicker and more conveniently.

What We Liked

Once upon a time, there was no such thing as twist-off bottle caps. Nor were there aluminum cans (think beans, fruit cocktail, coconut milk) that had easy pull tab openers built in. Even beer used to come in a completely sealed can, and you needed a tool to pry it open. Imagine that! These days life is a little bit more convenient, and so is cooking and drinking your favorite beverages. But for every other time you need to open a bottle of beer or pop an opening into a can to drain out the juices, this stainless steel OXO bottle and can opener is the tool to have. We recommend this one if you make cocktails and use a myriad of ingredients at your home bar regularly. Buy Now.

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