Best Chlorine Floaters

The backyard pool is a dream come true for many homeowners. But the maintenance involved can be a drag. Pools require year-round upkeep that involves winterizing and covering in the off-season and ongoing cleaning and sanitizing during the warmer months. Most pools are kept clean using chlorine solutions, which are designed to maintain the water's pH balance and, along with the pump system, keep the water sanitized. If you've ever been swimming in a backyard pool, you've seen these (usually blue or white) plastic contraptions floating around on the surface. Though they may get in the way of you landing the perfect cannonball from the diving board, chlorine floaters are there to keep you—and the pool water—safe and clean. Whether you're a new pool owner or looking to update your current system, check out some of these chlorine floaters that impressed us during our search for the best pool maintenance options.
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Most User-Friendly

AquaAce Floating Pool Chlorine Dispenser

Dispenser With Easy Twist Ring

With its easy-to-use and ergonomic twist-ring cap and 15 adjustable flow vents, the AquaAce Floating Pool Chlorine Dispenser makes pool sanitizing easy with its ‘set it and forget it’ design.

What We Liked

Designed to save you the hassle of calling the pool guys every time algae and bacteria starts building up in the pool, this floating chlorine dispenser from AquaAce is a backyard pool owner's best friend. It's easy to fill and holds enough chlorine tablets to keep your pool sparkly clean and sanitized for weeks (or months) on end, as it blends into the pool's natural aesthetic. Get it here. 

Most Versatile

Milliard Chlorine Floater

Twist-Control Chemical Flow

Perfect for in-ground and above ground pools alike, the Milliard Chlorine Floater holds up to five chlorine tablets secured in its foolproof twist-lock cap.

What We Liked

The Milliard Chlorine Floater is made of durable ABS plastic in a blend of classic blue and white to blend in with the interior and water of your pool. The unit opens with a simple twist, and the below-the-water base allows you to control the flow of chemicals by twisting its valves to your desired level of dispersion. The floater accepts both 1-inch and 3-inch tablets, making it a versatile addition to most standard sized, backyard pool settings. Buy it now. 

Best Design

WWD POOL Premium Animal Floating Pool Chlorine Dispenser

Fun Floating Animals

With six animal-themed designs to choose from, these chlorine floaters from WWD POOL add a touch of fun and color to the job of keeping the pool clean and safe.

What We Liked

Who said keeping the pool sanitized means you need one of those boring blue & white chlorine floaters? How about a turtle, flamingo, duck, or swan? These WWD POOL floaters effectively dispense standard-sized chlorine tablets with settings for half or full strength release, with the perk of bringing a smile to the job. Think of it like the rubber ducks used in the bathtub when you were a kid. Only this time, your bath is much bigger and the duck (or turtle, flamingo, etc.) is doing something to keep you and your family safe! Buy it here. 

Most Effective

Aquabeacon Pool Large Chlorine Floater

Classic Design & Superior Clean

Made of a durable plastic in a classic design with an easy twist-off cap and 15 vent dispenser, this Aquabeacon chlorine floater is designed to reduce maintenance headaches while keeping your pool sparkling clean.

What We Liked

Measuring 7.2 inches by 7.2 inches by 7 inches, this chlorine pool floater with a classic design is made for zero-hassle pool cleaning at all hours of the day. It holds five regular chlorine tablets up to three inches in size and features 15 vent slots beneath the water that you can adjust to control the flow of chemical dispensing. It's suitable for smaller above ground pools and larger in-ground pools alike, and it blends right in while working its magic effectively. Get it now. 


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