Best Cold Weather Tents

While the majority of people who visit the great outdoors venture into the woods during peak travel season, it does not apply to every recreationist. Cold weather tents are specifically designed for the high country during the summer months where temperatures can remain cool (especially at night) and afternoon storms are common. Cold weather tents also work well at lower elevations in the fall and spring, even at points in the winter. The specialized tents are known for their high-quality waterproofing and ventilation. This gives you dry and comfortable conditions in your outdoor shelter. Cold weather tents can accommodate anywhere from one to eight people depending on need and purpose of the trip. Read on to see our top picks.

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Most Tent Space

Eureka! Tetragon HD 3-Season Waterproof Tent

Spacious Cold Weather Tent. When the rain or cold weather arrives, you can find as much space inside the tent as any product on the market. Tent variations can accommodate between two and five people, with the ability to stand up in the middle where its peak height is six feet.

What We Liked:

This tent is one of your best solutions for cold weather. The camping gear is made for quick assembly. Tent walls are completely waterproof in the event the conditions change outside. The breathable mesh also provides ventilation, and the headroom is fantastic for those who feel cramped in a tight space. We appreciated the built-in entertainment hub, which provided quiet time for relaxation. Extra storage pockets are specifically designed for smartphones and tablets, keeping all electronics secure and dry. The Eureka! Camp Comfort tent floor is compatible with the tent yet sold separately. It creates a non-slip platform for bedding, providing a more comfortable sleep experience. Buy it here.

Best Tent Access

ALPS Mountaineering Tasmanian Tent

Double Door Entry. The tent includes not one but two different points of access. Built-in mesh windows and waterproof seams allow you to ventilate the cold weather tent while also shielding out moisture.

What We Liked:

This tent is specifically designed for harsh weather conditions and colder temps. Quick assembly is important for any tent you are taking into the woods in times of the year where encountering heavy rain, snow, or simply cold temperatures is very possible. The aluminum, free-standing pole system uprights the tent in a matter of minutes with a little practice. The polyester fly resists water as well as UV rays. Convenient entry into the tent through two doors as well as zippered mesh windows makes it one of the more popular picks for cold weather tents. You have the ability to let in as much or as little ventilation as preferred. The center peak-height reaches nearly four feet. But this tent provides ample storage with a gear loft. It's produced with factory sealed seams and weatherproof fly buckles. The manufacturer also has a Floor Saver designed specifically for the tent yet is sold separately. We liked that the purchase included a limited lifetime warranty.  Buy it today.

Best for Backpacking

TETON Sports Mountain Ultra Tent

Easy-to-Assemble Waterproof Tent. The lightweight cold weather tent is your top choice for the backcountry as it is simple to assemble and folds down into a compact size. The tent supports one to four backpackers and offers views of the sky at night.

What We Liked:

This tent is crafted specifically for the backcountry. Those who choose to find more seclusion and quiet backpacking will appreciate the design of the TETON. First, the cold weather tent is waterproof with built-in vents to provide ventilation even during a heavy storm. The Ultra tent series can accommodate one to four backpackers. The full mesh top is exciting to take advantage of at nights since it presents a clear view of the stars. The lightweight cold weather tent packs down into a compact size and doesn’t add a lot of weight to a packing bag, which we appreciated. Added features of the waterproof tent include a gear loft for essentials. The bathtub floor is designed to keep the entire floor inside the tent bone dry. Condensation is also combated through the built-in vents. The tent is sold in an easy-to-spot yellow color scheme as well as a more camouflaged black version. Get it today.



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