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Best Emergency Flare Kits

You'll never regret buying a set of LED beacons for use in your car, truck, or boat—the only regret will be not having one of these kits on hand the few times (hopefully) you have to deploy. Designed to provide a range of bright, easy-to-spot flash frequencies, note that it’s always best to use higher quality alkaline batteries to avoid leakage and corrosion while these beacons are sitting in storage or in the back of your car. Take a look at the best emergency flare kits on the market.

Best Overall

HOKENA Flare Kit for Vehicles & Boats

Flare Aware

Emergency kit with beacons, blankets, and escape tool.

What We Liked

Enjoy the assurance of a safety kit for roadside or boating assistance that includes three high-vis LED beacons (including nine flash modes), emergency blankets, and a multitool that serves as a window breaker and seatbelt cutter. The flares are waterproof for use in rain or on the water, and they are magnetic for attaching to the side of your vehicle. Get them here. 

Best Brightness

SlimK LED Emergency Flare Set

Bright Star

Set of three flares for use on the road, water, or in the wilderness.

What We Liked

Also featuring nine bright LED flash settings, SlimK’s emergency flares are designed to be tough and reusable across a range of uses on the road or out on the water. This set also comes with a pair of gloves, AAA batteries, and a small screwdriver for replacing the batteries. Buy them now. 

Best for Road Trips

Garage Monkey Engineering LED Safety Flare Kit

High-Vis Beacon

Set of four bright beacons for safety on adventures.

What We Liked

Garage Monkey’s flare set comes with four beacons and a useful compact cylindrical carrying case. The water-resistant and unsinkable LED beacons can be affixed to the back of a kayak, side panels of a car, or laid out on the road to alert nearby boats or motorists with nine modes that include strobe, rotating, and S.O.S. settings. Buy them here. 

Best for Families

Tobfit Emergency Flares

Make It Count

Set of 12 beacons to be used together or in separate kits for different cars.

What We Liked

Invest in a pack of 12 emergency beacons to build road-safety kits for all the drivers in your family. Also a good option for large gatherings like sports events or concerts for reliable, high-vis traffic safety assistance. Get them now.

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