Best Finger Splints

One of the most common areas doctors and nurses treat for injuries is near the fingers and hands. It makes sense, since we use them for just about everything. Ranging from the less-serious trigger finger, where a finger gets stuck in a bent position, to fractured and broken bones, fingers often withstand the beatings our everyday lives throw at us. Despite muscular grip, fingers remain relatively delicate as far as appendages go. So when injury strikes or pain occurs, it's best to address the problem quickly so you can get back to your everyday tasks. One of the easiest ways to do that is with finger splints. They're used for broken bones, osteoarthritis, trigger finger, and a variety of other finger injuries and discomfort. Though we can only hope your hands stay in fighting shape forever, we sorted through to find some of the best finger splints available to help make sure you're prepared should you experience an injury in your fingers.
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Most Versatile

BodyMoves 2 Finger Splints

Splints & Sleeves For Any Finger

Designed for wear on any finger, this two-pack from BodyMoves includes finger splints that areconstructed using a strong, lightweight aluminum support bar, neoprene sleeve, and adjustable Velcro.

What We Liked

In addition to the two adjustable finger splits that can be worn on any of the ten fingers, this set from BodyMoves comes with an additional pair of soft neoprene sleeves that provide extra compression, better support, and increased grip. The splints are available in six color choices and are one-size-fits-all and unisex. Get them here. 

Most Professional

ANSUDYLG Finger Splints

Three Sizes of First Aid Convenience

Designed like something you'd receive in a first-aid kit or prescribed from a doctor, this three-pack of various-sized finger splints includes stainless-steel supports, EVA foam, and Velcro straps.

What We Liked

If you were to go to the hospital for a broken finger, chances are you'd walk out with a splint that looks remarkably similar to this everyday option from ANSUDYLG. This set contains three sizes of splints, one intended for the thumb, one for the pinky and ring finger, and one for the index and middle finger. Thus, should you have an injury on any finger, you'd have a splint to address it. The stainless-steel bar and EVA foam construction are designed to set your finger snugly without being overly tight, all while remaining comfortable and breathable. Buy them now. 

Most User-Friendly

Sumifun Trigger Finger Splints

Simple Trigger Finger Relief

Intended to aid in the recovery of trigger finger, arthritis pain, and broken bones, this finger splint can be worn on any finger needing attention using an aluminum bar splint, gel-like sleeve, and adjustable Velcro strap.

What We Liked

This sleeve is easy to apply and offers lightweight, breathable comfort that can be worn any time of day without losing control of your other, unaffected fingers. It's soft to the touch and helps to alleviate the soreness, stiffness, locking, bending, and swelling associated with a variety of injuries and joint discomfort. Buy them here. 

Most Compact

3-Point Products Oval-8 Finger Splint Graduated Set

Versatile, Discreet Injury Support

This pack from 3-Point Product comes with three different sizes of lightweight and flexible rubber splints that can adjust and be worn in a variety of ways to help alleviate over six different conditions.

What We Liked

The extremely clever and practical Oval-8 finger splints feature a simple oval shape with a loop to insert your finger that, depending on how it's worn, can help provide relief for mallet finger, trigger finger, crooked fingers, trigger thumb, fractures, and more. Unlike other bulky finger splints, these minimalist splints are lightweight, discreet, waterproof, and don't require any tapes or extra straps. You can quickly follow the simple instructions to position it on your finger(s) in the position most likely to help your individual condition. Get them now. 


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