Best Fishing Manuals

Fishing is arguably one of the least predictable of sports/recreational activities. Even the sponsored professionals with the best gear and outfitted boat are hoping their skills and tools will pay off each time they cast. Still, it's within your power to learn the tried-and-true tricks of the trade—from selecting the right lures and baits to knowing how to rig them, read the water, and choose the right spot. Whether you're landlocked and fishing lakes and streams or hitting the open water of the Atlantic or Pacific, generations of anglers have come before you and learned what works and what doesn’t—with a little hope thrown in, of course. So, whether you're an amateur or seasoned vet, it's worth doing a bit of studying to help ensure the next time you cast your line, you're equipped with the skills and tools to help reel in a trophy catch. In our opinion, here are best fishing manuals around to help you do just that.

Best for Beginners

The Total Fishing Manual

317 Field-Tested Tools, Techniques, and Tactics

Written by Joe Cermele and the editors at Field & Stream, this manual is a compilation of how-to articles, gear guides, and info-graphics aimed at making sure beginner anglers have the tools and tactics needed to master their fishing game.

What We Liked

Geared more toward beginner and intermediate level anglers, there's a tip, trick, or gear suggestion for everyone in the Total Fishing Manual from Field & Stream. After all, there's no such thing about knowing everything in life—especially when it comes to fishing. Between gear suggestions like picking the best lures for lake fishing, baits for offshore fishing, and flies for stream fishing, and where, when, and how to find certain species of fish, this manual breaks down everything you need to know to help turn fishing into catching. Order Online.

Most User-Friendly

Freshwater Fishing Tips & Techniques: A Fully Illustrated Guide to Freshwater Fishing

Illustrated, Tried and True Fishing Guide

With a succinct layout and detailed illustrations, freshwater anglers of all ages and experiences are sure to gain something out of this 234-page manual dedicated to all-things freshwater.

What We Liked

Full of timeless information and widely accepted best practices, this is a must-have handbook for anglers who spend the bulk of their time fishing freshwater. Reminiscent of a Boy Scout's survival guide, the accompanying illustrations provide foolproof baiting, rigging, casting, and reeling instructions along with detailed images of individual fish and the best lures to attract them. Beginners can receive a full master class with the information shared in the book, while seasoned pros are certain to be reminded of something lost with time—things they may reapply into their fishing knowledge arsenal. Purchase Today.

Most Detailed

The Baja Catch: A Fishing, Travel & Remote Camping Manual for Baja California

Baja Fish Be Warned!

The Baja Catch is a super niche and region-specific guide for anglers and adventurers attempting to make a trip out of the Baja region of California, where dusty roads and open seas packed full of fish are many an angler's mecca.

What We Liked

From navigating off the beaten path roads, to choosing the right boat, to ensuring you're geared up properly and rigging the right tackle to catch endless varieties of fish that you'll eat back at shore, this is the definitive guide book to cooking on the Baja coast. No stone is unturned in this step-by-step guide geared toward anglers using a smaller (or inflatable) boat to reach some of the best and most secluded fishing spots of California's coast. But getting there is half of the challenge (and fun), and this guide includes detailed maps on which roads to take, where to camp, launch sites, and tried and true fishing hot spots. Baja fish be warned, readers of this book are coming for you, and you're on the menu. Get A Copy Today.

Most Versatile

Field & Stream: The Total Outdoorsman Skills & Tools

Camp, Fish, Hunt, and Survive Like a Pro

The Total Outdoorsman Skills & Tools guide features 324 tips, tricks, and tactics around all things outdoors: hunting, camping, fishing, and wilderness survival.

What We Liked

A great gift for the coming-of-age man in your life and a must-have for wilderness and outdoor enthusiasts of all ages and experience levels, this manual aims to equip you with the basic (and some more advanced) knowledge and tools required for any foray into nature's backyard. From gear selection to hunting and cooking wild game, fly fishing mastery and kayak selection, this manual is practical, digestible, and something you'll wish you had the last time nature threw you a curve ball. If you can carry it with you every time you travel off the beaten path, either by land or sea, you'll be equipped with the right knowledge to ensure a good time and a safe return. Buy Online.

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