Best Gaiters For The Outdoors

We all love spending time in the great outdoors. We also dislike getting snow, dirt, and rocks in our boots or shoes. Wearing gaiters when out in the woods or in the snow makes your experience much more enjoyable. Whether you are out walking through briers and brush or snowshoeing up a mountain, gaiters will completely change your experience for the better. We picked out three of our favorites for you to check out this season.

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Best All-Season

Outdoor Research Men’s Rocky Mountain High Gaiters


Tough And Breathable. Strong and durable Gaiters that will make your hiking experience a breeze. 

What We Liked: 

We really appreciated the durability of these Outdoor Research High Gaiters. When walking through thick brush or snow, these gaiters helped us to flow smoothly and unhindered. At two feet tall and 10 inches wide, they fit comfortably and cover a lot of your legs. Sizes are small through x-large, however, we recommend you go with a larger size for greater comfortability. They're available here.

Best Fit

Pike Trail Leg Gaiters


Adjustable For All Sizes. Super easy to put on and keep secure during your adventure.

What We Liked: 

The ease of use of these Pike Trail Leg Gaiters is fantastic. They are designed to fit anyone, with an adjustable drawstring that tightens around your calf for a comfortable fit. These gaiters are lightweight yet feel tough and strong. With five different color options to choose from, you can also stay stylish while in the backcountry. Get them here.

Best Durability

Unigear Snow Gaiters


High Leg Protection and Anti-Freeze. Double sealed closure for increased protection with zipper and Velcro for added security from water or bugs.

What We Liked: 

These completely waterproof gaiters by Unigear are built for the elements. With tough 300 Denier polyester on the upper portion of the leg and 600 Denier polyester on the lower leg, these offer great anti-tear and abrasion technology. Comfortable and lightweight, these are perfect for long treks. Unigear is so certain you will like this product they offer a 100-percent money-back guarantee. Get them now.



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