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Best Gauze

Whenever you’re venturing the outdoors, it’s always best to have everything you need to treat scrapes, sprains and minor injuries. High-quality gauze is one of the staples of a well stocked first-aid kit. With a variety of types, designs, and absorbency levels, you’re sure to find the best gauze for your needs with any of these four great selections.


D&H Medical 24 Bulk Pack Gauze

Sturdy, Reliable Gauze

This 24-pack of gauze comes conveniently rolled and is FDA approved for wound care and dressing ankles or knees.

What We Liked

This gauze set features 24 individual rolls of 4 x 4 yards of medical grade gauze. The rolls are perfect for sticking in your hiking backpack, or just having around the house. Notably, the gauze is made out of 100% high-quality cotton for a super soft feel and optimal protection. Get it here. 

Best For Use On The Go

Band-Aid Brand First Aid Products

Dependable Gauze

This gauze will keep you safe without emptying out your wallet.

What We Liked

Band-Aid is known for making dependable first aid essentials, and their gauze is no exception. The gauze comes in 50-count pack of sterile 4 x 4 gauge sponges. These sponges are optimal for cleaning and prepping wounds, or for applying medication. With a low-linting design, these sponges will absorb contaminants without being too obtrusive. Buy it now. 

Most Portable

Medline 4 x 4 inch Gauze Sponges

Compact Gauze Sponges

These gauze sponges are perfect for taking with you on the go or putting inside of your first aid kit.

What We Liked

Looking for thin, easy to access gauze sponges that you can take with you on long treks? These compact gauze sponges are a great choice. The woven sponges come in a pack of 200. They’re made out of 100% cotton and have a thin, lightweight design best suited for light scrapes or abrasions. Buy it here. 

Best For Bulk Use

Dynarex Non-Sterile Non-Woven Sponge

Bulk Gauze

This 200-count pack of non-woven gauze sponges is perfect for personal or facility use.

What We Liked

These non-woven sponges are made out of 30% polyester and 70% viscose, making them super soft and absorbent. The sponges are pre-cut into 4 X 4 squares for immediate use. Though they are non-sterile, the gauze sponges are still perfect for cleaning up light abrasions. Overall, this pack of gauze comes at an excellent value for the price and is sure to properly clean wounds big or small. Get it now. 

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