Best Heart Rate Monitor for Exercise

Personal trainers are great, but you can’t have one follow you around 24/7. Heart rate monitors are like your virtual personal trainer. The device generally straps to your wrist, forearm, or chest and provides constant heart rate readings throughout the day. Additionally, fitness trackers monitor calories burned, mileage, and sleeping habits. All of the activity data is helpful in creating workout plans and meeting fitness goals. Learn more about the best heart rate monitors for exercise available on the market.

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Top Pick

Polar FT7 Heart Rate Monitor


Best Heart Rate Monitor. Even though the display is more old-school, the heart rate readings are incredibly accurate and informative.

What We Liked: 

When you have the ability to constantly monitor your heart rate and other vitals while exercising you can maximize workout potential. Staying in targeted heart rate zones for workouts is huge when it comes to fat burning and improving overall endurance and stamina. The monitor is a basic yet informative device that attaches to your wrist. If you didn’t know any better you could confuse it for a watch. The digital screen provides a continuous and accurate heart rate. People exercising can use the Energy Pointer to determine whether the workout is more for fitness improvement or fat burning. While you exercise the monitor provides Smart Calories which relays an accurate count of calories burned. Along with the wrist strap, you need to use the included chest strap for heart rate readings. The chest strap is adjustable and fits different body types. It is also water-resistant. The monitor is available in four different colors. Two lithium metal batteries are required to operate the heart rate monitor. Get it now.

Most High-Tech

Karseen Fitness Tracker


Modern Stylish Tracker. The device syncs with your smartphone and also monitors sleep habits. It looks stylish and the display is very bright.

What We Liked: 

This tracker is everything you would want in a workout companion. It is a far more modern device compared to the Polar FT7 Heart Rate Monitor because of its compatibility with iOS and Android devices. The fitness tracker delivers 24-hour auto-tracking to monitor every type of activity. You will not only get data related to calorie consumption, but also mileage, duration, and display of your heart rate all on one screen. You can then sync the device to the VeryFitPro app and learn how to improve your overall health. The device is intended to create a new training plan that meets your age, athletic ability, and workout objectives. The monitor is the most accurate when you wear it on the upper position of the wrist and when the fit is snug. In addition to the heart rate monitor, the tracker also features GPS tracking and connects to your smartphone. It will vibrate when you have an incoming phone call, SMS text, or SNS message. This tracker is impressively waterproof at the level of IP68. Waterproof IP68 is the highest level a fitness tracker can receive. As a result, you can wash your hands or even jump in the shower with the device and not risk damaging its contents. The device is guaranteed to work under a depth of two meters of water for three hours without water leaking into the monitor. The battery life of the heart rate monitor is also very good. One charge can last  five to seven days. The display is full-color IPS compared to the Polar FT7 which only displays in black and white. Lastly, the tracker monitors sleep patterns and also features a built-in alarm. A purchase includes a 45-day, 100-percent money-back guarantee. The device requires one lithium battery, which is included. It is available in multiple colors. It's available here.

Most Helpful

Letsfit Fitness Tracker


Informative Heart Rate Monitor. In addition to heart rate readings and sleep monitoring, the tracker also delivers a daily health report to improve your lifestyle.

What We Liked: 

The Letsfit Fitness Tracker is another device to consider for reliable heart rate monitoring. The heart rate readings are readily available and quick to access during your workout. Monitor assesses overall performance with a personalized in-app heart rate report. It also monitors sleep quality like the Karseen Fitness Tracker. Letsfit understands that a good night’s rest and exercise go hand-in-hand to create a healthy lifestyle. The device monitors a full-day of activity including heart rate, steps, calories burned, and miles walked. At the end of every day you can view the fitness report to see if you are keeping up with personal workout goals. This tracker syncs to your phone to alert you of incoming calls, texts, and social media messages. You can also hang-up calls and read messages via the tracker screen. Another sleek feature of the Letsfit Fitness Tracker is it vibrates when you sit too long, reminding you to get up and get your body moving again. It is effortless to charge the device. The built-in USB plug enables cordless charging. Furthermore, a charge lasts for seven days of movement. The Letsfit Fitness Tracker is compatible with iOD 7.1 and Android 4.4 or later devices. It is also IP67 water-resistant, sweat-proof, and rain-proof. However, the manufacturer recommends not wearing it while showering or swimming. It requires one lithium polymer battery, which is included. It's available today.



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