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While you should always drink responsibly, there's no harm in sharing a celebratory drink among friends from time to time. Unfortunately, some of the best places for sipping a cocktail are those settings that prohibit outside beverages or drinking altogether. Whether it's at a park, music festival, beach, sporting event, or golf course, or it's an establishment that serves beer and wine when you only drink liquor, sometimes you have to get creative in order to get your drink on. Though we're not condoning breaking the law, per say, these inventions exist for a reason and offer a clever hack for enjoying your favorite drink in a stealthy way. So, check out some of these sneaky hidden flask options we found to help ensure the next time you're out, you can enjoy a drink or two without alerting the fun police. Cheers!
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Most Practical

GoPong Sneak Alcohol Anywhere Ice Flask

Convincing & Convenient

When you go somewhere that allows coolers but not alcohol, these clever hidden flasks disguised as ice packs fit right in. The flasks each hold 14 ounces of liquid for a total of 18 shots, cleverly disguised as a cooler insulator.

What We Liked

So clever you'll wish you'd have invented it, these GoPong Ice Flasks blend right in to an everyday cooler setup. Imagine yourself at a fireworks show, public beach, or music festival: you can bring as many snacks and as much water and soft drinks as you'd like, but no alcohol is allowed (or you have to buy it there). It's unlikely anyone taking the time to inspect your cooler would bat an eye at these blue squares labeled as ice blocks. Little do they know, instead of whatever quick-freezing chemical elixir ice packs are made out of, your "ice pack" is in fact full of your favorite adult beverage. These 14-ounce squares are made of FDA-approved, BPA-free, food-safe plastic with a convenient twist off spout for securing, transporting, and pouring whatever your heart desires. Don't worry, we won't tell. Get it here. 

Best Design

Jokel Hidden Alcohol Flask - XL 10oz Sunscreen Flask

Sunscreen You Can Drink!

Disguised as 10-ounce bottles of sunscreen that appear completely authentic, these leak-proof hidden flask containers even include safety seals to look like they're unopened.

What We Liked

When the place you're going doesn't allow outside drinks of any kind (not even water) or anything resembling a liquid, chances are you're still allowed to bring in personal items like sunscreen. What place is going to tell you that you must get sunburned if you want to enter? Whether it's the beach or a ballgame, these sneaky little sunscreen containers hold 10 ounces of your drink of choice. The bottles come with six, leak-proof safety seals made of food-safe adhesive foam to make the "sunscreen" appear unopened should anyone inspect it. The set also comes with a funnel to ensure every last drop of your beverage makes it into the two bottles before sealing and planning your sneaky entry. Buy it now. 

Most Compact

Hillside-Kit Hidden Flask Bag

Hot and Cold Liquids

While not the most discrete of designs, these clear, compact bags are available in sizes from 8 to 32ounces, offering leak-proof, odor-proof, lightweight, and reusable vessels that can store both hot and cold liquids.

What We Liked

These Hillside-Kit hidden flasks are perfect for bringing on cruises or to places where clearly marked alcoholic drinks are prohibited. They offer a convenient way to save on expensive vendor prices and limited options by ensuring you've got access to your beverage of choice. Made of BPA-free, food-grade, heat-tolerant plastic, these hidden flasks are equally suited for extended backpacking and hiking trips when you want to reduce the weight of water you carry by eliminating bulky plastic or steel bottles. Buy them here. 

Most Discreet

Tipsy Tubes 8 Oz. Hidden Alcohol Flask

Sunscreen, Bronzer & Hair Paste

Cleverly designed as everyday cosmetic products with fake and legitimately-appearing branding, this three-pack of eight-ounce bottles allows you to bring up to 24 total ounces of booze to beaches, pools, sporting events and more.

What We Liked

Please don't ever drink from a sunscreen, bronzer, or hair paste bottle. That is, unless it's from these three fake brands of products that actually contain your favorite adult beverages. These tubes that look like everyday products would fool even the most discerning of eyes. Whether you're at a concert, hotel pool, cruise, or ballgame, these eight-ounce containers allow you to save on overpriced drinks and enjoy your spirit of choice. They're refillable (funnel included), food-safe, and so fun to use you'd think it was criminal. Oh, wait! Get them now. 


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