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Best High-Performance Socks for Women

We need socks that keep up with us on all of our adventures. Skiing, hiking, running, snowshoeing—wherever we’re going, the right pair of high performance socks can help us get there by keeping our feet drier, warmer, and more comfortable than regular socks. But there are a surprising number of features to look out for when deciding on the right pair, like the material, fit, cushioning, design, compression, and price. We’ve picked out three of the best women’s high performance socks out there to help you find your perfect pair.

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Best High Performance

Smartwool PhD Outdoor Light Crew Socks


Warm and Durable. With top-of-the-line Merino wool and a performance-oriented fit, the Smartwool PhD Outdoor Light Crew Socks offer exceptional durability, breathability, and comfort. 

What We Liked: 

Featuring light cushioning and durable yet breathable Merino wool, Smartwool PhD Outdoor Light Crew Socks are an excellent choice for overall high-performance wool socks. With warm insulation, body-mapped mesh zones, and odor-neutralizing material, these Smartwool socks are perfect for keeping feet warm, dry, and comfortable during long days on the trail. Get them here.

Most Comfortable

Darn Tough Woodland Creatures Crew Light Sock


Fun Design and Invisible Feel. With three fun designs, an undetectable toe seam, and breathable Merino wool, the Darn Tough Woodland Creatures Crew Light Sock offers high performance function with a “forget-it’s-there” feel.

What We Liked: 

These well-styled Darn Tough socks strike the unique balance of fun design, high performance features, and exceptional comfort. With naturally antimicrobial, fast-drying Merino wool, Darn Tough socks boast the durability, comfort, and performance fit features we look for in a high performance sock. Plus, they’ve got a fun design! Buy them now.

Best Compression Socks

Go2Socks Compression Socks


Strong Compression in Many Colors. With 20-30 mmHg compression in a range of colors, Go2Socks Compression Socks aim to relieve and reduce swelling, improve circulation, and help with a faster recovery.

What We Liked: 

As strong compression socks, these Go2Socks are the best option here for anyone looking for a product that focuses on increasing circulation and reducing swelling. By boasting strong compression from high-quality fabrics that are also equipped to fight odor and bacteria, these socks are a great choice for long-distance runners, hikers, or anyone spending hours on their feet. Buy them here.



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