Best Ice Cleats

You've likely seen documentaries where seasoned climbers traverse some of the tallest and most inhabitable mountains and terrains on the planet, they're wearing the best, state-of-the-art clothing and gear from head to toe. While we're not advising that you invest a small fortune in your next casual winter time hike, we're here to tell you we've found some great options to help turn you from average Joe to budding mountain man. Whether you simply live in an area with harsh winters and want to make it across an ice-slicked parking lot with a little more assurance, or you can't wait until summer to hit your favorite trail so you go in the snow, there's a pair of ice cleats for you. Check out some great options we found.

Best Grip

ICETrekkers Diamond Grip Traction Cleats

Self-Clearing Aggressive Traction

These ice cleats from ICETrekkers are available in men's and women's sizes and designed to fit everything from dress shoes to snow boots. Aircraft-grade materials are designed to stay put and provide aggressive traction in snowy and icy conditions.

What We Liked

These ice cleats feature a diamond-beaded design with hundreds of biting, grippy edges facing multiple directions, made out of case-hardened steel alloy atop steel aircraft-grade cable. The elastic rubber sling stretches to encase virtually all footwear and retains its shape and grip without deteriorating in subzero temperatures. The self-clearing cleats eliminate the buildup of snow and ice, meaning every step you take is as grippy as the first, allowing you to transition from one terrain to the next while retaining traction. Get them here. 

Most Casual

OuterStar Ice & Snow Grips

Discrete & Easy to Use

Perfect for casual, dress and athletic shoes, these easy to use cleats feature ten embedded steel studs for each foot and provide excellent traction on snow and ice and a variety of slick terrains.

What We Liked

These ice & snow grips are constructed of TPE thermoplastic elastomer and feature rustproof spikes embedded into the ball and heel of each foot. The elastic design makes it simple and foolproof to slip the device around the heel and toe of a variety of footwear and when not in use it easily folds up and fits into your pocket. They're discrete enough to wear on most shoes without being overtly noticeable and provide added safety for everyday commuting in snowy and icy conditions. Buy them now. 

Most Versatile

YakTrax Walk Traction Cleats

Lightweight Commuter Traction

Designed to give pedestrians, professionals, and even the ederly some peace of mind and extra safety in adverse conditions, these lightweight slip on cleats are simple and easy to use but incredibly tough.

What We Liked

Made of a polyelastomer outer band wrapped in abrasion-resistant 1.2mm steel coils with rustproof zinc coating, these cleats help reduce the risk of slipping and falling in a variety of icy and snowy scenarios. The steel coils are resistant to snow and ice build-up and stretch around the entire bottom of your shoes to provide maximum grip, while the elastic webbing retains it's stretch and is resistant to freezing temperatures up to -41 degrees. Buy them here. 

Most Rugged

Stabilcers Walk Traction Cleat

Unbeatable Rugged Traction

Designed to give walkers, commuters and hikers a consistent stride in a variety of winter conditions without feeling like they're wearing heavy gear, these cleats feature multi-directional steel cleats on the ball and heel that provide an impressive level of grip.

What We Liked

Available in S-XL sizes and three colors (black, blue, orange), these beefy and robust slip-on cleats make you feel like you're wearing professional-quality ice-climbing boots at a fraction of the weight and size. The thermoplastic elastomer binding easily and securely slips over the toes and heel of a vatiety of shoes and boots while multi-directional steel traction plates are molded into the design to give you a maximum level of grip where you need it most. Whether you're grabbing the mail or tackling a winter trail, these compact cleats are a must-have when it comes to multifunctional safety. Get them now.

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