Best Ice Cube Trays

Once upon a time—before the advent of modern-day refrigerators—ice cubes didn't magically appear out of the freezer. Go ahead, tell your kids about ice cube trays, and you may blow their minds. Still, plenty of household refrigerators don't feature automatic ice makers or dispensers, and those that do are commonly plagued by malfunctions. That’s why ice cube trays should be a staple in every household—and not just for ice. Ice cube trays come in lots of different sizes, and they allow you to get creative, preparing conveniently-sized flavorful juice and fruit treats, infused olive oil, marinades, and other meal prep items you may not have thought of before. So, whether your machine is on the fritz or you can't stand to let that last batch of homemade stock go to waste, check out some of the best ice cube trays we could find to make your life a little easier and, dare we say, cool.
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Most User-Friendly

OMORC Ice Cube Trays 4 Pack

Stackable, Space-Saving, Easy Ice Removal

Made of a combination of PP plastic and food grade silicone, these neatly stacking ice cube trays with lids feature flexible bottoms that make it easy to push and release each individual cube.

What We Liked

The worst thing about standard plastic ice cube trays is that sometimes, despite your best efforts, it can be nearly impossible to get every cube out without breaking the cubes or snapping the tray altogether. These trays from OMORC eliminate that quandary with their flexible, rounded silicone bottoms that make it easy to push and release even the most frozen of ice cubes and other ingredients that have been set in for days or weeks. Each tray comes with a removable lid that helps prevent spilling and the absorbing of freezer odors and grime, plus offers a convenient and space-saving way to stack the four trays together. Each tray makes 14 cubes for a total of 56 cubes in the set. The trays are FDA-approved, BPA-free, and dishwasher safe. Get it here. 

Most Convenient

Kitch Ice Tray Easy Release

Traditional & Foolproof Ice Making

This two-pack from Kitch offers the traditional plastic design you probably grew up with. The strong plastic makes a total of 32 good-sized ice cubes that easily release with a simple twist of the tray.

What We Liked

Omitting the bells and whistles of more modern ice cube trays, this simple design by Kitch does exactly what an ice cube tray is intended to do: make ice cubes. Each tray creates 16 cubes that, upon freezing, easily release with a simple twist. No banging, pounding, or ice picking is needed to get these standard-sized ice cube trays to release from the BPA-free, dishwasher safe plastic. The trays neatly stack together to save space in the freezer with enough room between them to prevent sticking. Buy it now. 

Best Design

Rechishre Ice Cube Trays With Lids

Honeycomb Shape for Ice & Desserts

Creating a fun look for any drink, this set contains two ice cube trays made of flexible, food grade silica gel with a honeycomb-shaped pattern to create a total of 74 hexagonal ice cubes that are easy to remove.

What We Liked

These Rechishre ice cube trays are made of a single piece of silicone, meaning they offer full flexibility for easy cube removal in clusters or individually. They come with removable, equally flexible lids to ensure even filling, prevent spills, and provide convenient stacking inside the freezer. The honeycomb pattern creates hexagonal-shaped cubes that are great for using in whiskey and other cocktails. Buy it here. 

Most Compact

Glacio Small Ice Cube Trays

Convenient & Space-Saving

This set of two silicone ice cube trays makes a total of 42 small, square ice cubes in a compact, space-saving design perfect for mini-fridges, designated drink making, and backup ice needs.

What We Liked

These BPA-free silicone trays are 10.3 inches long and five inches wide, which is significantly smaller than most standard plastic ice cube trays. They create smaller, square-shaped cubes that work equally well for cocktails and everyday use. The smaller tray size means less occupied space in your freezer, so they're great for dorm rooms, wet bars, RVs, and backyard setups. The all-silicone tray design makes it super easy to release each individual cube by pushing them out from the bottom, while the included lead helps to ensure each tray doesn’t overfill or become tainted by odors or debris. Get it now. 


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