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Best Ice Melt Salt

Winter is coming, and that means, for most of us around the country, snow and ice. Don’t be caught trapped in your house by snow drifts and sheets of ice on your driveway. Having a superior snow and ice melt salt in your garage can mean that, with a little work, you’re on your way and out the door faster. Whether you need to battle off ice during a full-on storm, or you just want to clear up a dusting of snow as a safety precaution, you can use these solutions on any driveway, sidewalk or porch, for less shoveling overall and guaranteed safety. Of course, if you’ve lived in a colder climate for a while now, you know that not all ice melt salt solutions are the same. Check out these options available on Amazon.
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Best Bulk Option

Green Gobbler Pet Safe Ice Melt Fast Acting Treatment

Don’t Run Out

Don’t be caught unawares during the season’s first snow storm!

What We Liked

One of the worst things that can happen during the wintertime? Running out of ice melt when you least expect it, meaning that you’re stuck shoveling and scraping in order to get out of your house, rather than just throwing down some ice melt and letting it do the work. This option gives you more ice melt in one container, up to 35 pounds, for a bulk purchase you won’t regret. Get it here. 


Snow Joe AZ-25-EB Melt-2-Go Nature + Pet Friendly CMA Blended Ice Melter

Be Kind to the Planet

Some ice melt solutions contain hazardous chemicals that could kill both your flowers and your furryfamily members.

What We Liked

Don’t cause potential harm to your pets and the environment by using a toxic, chemical-laden ice melt solution. This option is all-natural, for a plant- and pet-friendly solution you can rely on. It leaves no residue behind and is safe for grass, turf, trees and plants, and it doesn’t even irritate your skin when you use it (like what can happen with other melters). The anti-corrosion formula doesn’t harm your drive or sidewalk, and the pet-friendliness factor means your dog or cat won’t need to worry about getting it stuck in their paws or on their skin. Buy it now. 


HARRIS Safe Melt Pet Friendly Ice and Snow Melter

Quickly Melt Ice

Don’t wait around for the ice and snow to melt; throw down some ice melter and get on the road fast.

What We Liked

This fast-acting formula works at low temperatures, up to -13 degrees Fahrenheit, and works instantly. Immediately, as soon as you throw some of the round pellets down, you’ll see the ice and snow melt away like magic on your driveway, steps, sidewalks, balconies and more. Buy it here. 

Most Reliable 

Safe-T-Salt Rock Salt

One Famous Name

From baking to snow removal, there’s a reason Morton is the name to know when it comes to salt.

What We Liked

Morton has been around for decades, and for good reason, it’s simply a reliable brand. When it comes to winter snow and ice solutions, you can rely on Morton salt to melt ice down to 5 degrees Fahrenheit. The formula is scientifically proven to melt ice and snow in all normal winter temperatures, as well as provide traction for added stability when walking or driving. Get it now. 


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SKI-00318 OSP-001750 Ice Cube Tray

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