Best Insulated Winter Jackets for Boys

When it’s cold and snowy outside, it’s time to bundle up! Your child needs an insulated winter jacket that can keep him warm during recess yet allow him to move freely. When shopping for a winter coat, look for styles that keep your child dry in the snow or rain, are windproof, and close securely. Winter coats with hoods keep ears warm, and lined pockets can keep hands toasty. We’ve reviewed different styles of winter coats so you can find the one that fits your child’s needs.

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Best Non-Puffer Jacket

Columbia Boys’ Lightning Lift Jacket

Insulated Jacket with Classic Styling. A comfortable jacket that keeps your child warm without the puffer jacket look.

What We Liked: 

The Columbia Boys’ Lightning Lift Jacket is an insulated jacket with a classic style, that comes in a variety of colors. This style can feel less bulky. Its water-resistant design allows for long sessions playing in the snow. Plus, the adjustable hood and cuffs ensure a snug, secure fit to keep the cold air out. The fleece-lined pockets keep little hands warm. We liked the reflective details that make kids easier to see when they are playing at dusk. Get it here.

Best Fitted Hood

Under Armour Boys’ Pronto Puffer Jacket

Puffer Jacket with a Slim Fit. This puffer jacket has a modern look and slim fit that your child will enjoy wearing.

What We Liked: 

The Under Armour Boy’s Pronto Puffer Jacket’s slim fit and modern styling will keep kids warm without feeling weighed down. The three-piece hood construction keeps the hood in place even when your child is playing. The jacket’s all-over quilting keeps your child is warm. It repels water to keep your child dry and has snaps on the pockets to prevent gloves from slipping out. We liked the modern styling and the variety of colors offered. Buy it here.

Best Full Range of Movement

Marmot Boys’ Ajax Down Puffer Jacket

Puffer Jacket That Allows for a Full Range of Motion

This puffer jacket keeps your child warm and dry without hindering their movement.

What We Liked: 

The Marmot Boys’ Ajax Down Puffer Jacket is designed to keep your child warm and dry. This jacket has built-in angel-wing movement so your child can move freely. While it does not come with a hood, it does zip up to cover your child’s neck. We liked that this jacket comes with a zippered pocket to keep gloves secure, elastic-bound cuffs to keep the cold out, and a wind-flap that covers the front zipper to protect from drafts. Buy it here.

Best for Repelling Water

Wantdo Boy’s Winter Coat Waterproof Puffer Jacket 

Comfortable Waterproof Puffer Jacket. This puffer jacket keeps the wet and cold out for hours, even in moderate rain.

What We Liked: 

The Wantdo Boy’s Winter Coat’s waterproof design keeps your child warm and dry when playing outside in the snow or rain. The durable, high-quality polyester exterior is wind and tear-resistant, which ensures this jacket can keep up with your child’s most active play. Additionally, this jacket comes with a variety of zippered pockets to safely store gloves and treasures, as well as elastic cuffs and a secure hood to keep the cold out. This comfortable jacket has a soft interior and comes in vibrant colors and patterns. We liked how well this jacket withstands wet weather conditions and the durability of the materials and design. Buy it here.


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