Best Jumper Cables

Don’t be that guy or gal asking to borrow a passing Good Samaritan’s jumper cables. You never know when the moment will come to give your car, truck or motorcycle the jolt of life it needs in your driveway or out on the road far, far from home. Look for cables that can attach to a battery’s top or side posts as well as ones that won’t twist and are easy to store. Generally speaking, too, it’s better to run your jumper leads front to back between vehicles to ensure your support vehicle isn’t facing oncoming traffic. Typically, 16- to 20-foot cables are considered long enough for midsize cars, SUVs, and trucks, respectively. Check out our list of the top jumper cables we’ve discovered.

Most Innovative Clamp Design

Cartman Booster Cable

Bring the Juice

Versatile cable set for use on the road or at home.

What We Liked

Be ready for winter or that dreaded moment the car engine won’t sputter to life. Comes in 16- and 20-foot lengths for jolting batteries alive in larger-size cars and SUVs, either hood to hood or preferably front to back so the rescue vehicle doesn’t have to face into traffic. Comes with a fairly lightweight drawstring storage sack. Get them here. 

Best Storage Case

Energizer Jumper Cables

Charge Ahead

A variety of lengths from a brand you can trust to keep on performing.

What We Liked

A brand you can trust, these Energizer jumper cables come in sizes from 16 to 30 feet to cover maintenance situations for mid-size cars up to vans and trucks. The spring-loaded clamps will jumpstart top- and side-post batteries, while the highly conductive two-gauge cable is rated to stay flexible and perform in temps as cold as minus 40 degrees. The included travel case is good for storage and carrying, too. Buy them now. 

Best Budget Pick

EPAuto Heavy-Duty Booster Jumper Cables

Power Up

Jumpstart weak or dead car batteries without stress.

What We Liked

The heavy-duty, four-gauge cable and the impressive 20-foot length ensure these jumper cables can handle most any automotive emergency across all vehicle types. Strong clamps and grippy teeth are designed to perform in the toughest conditions. Plus, it comes with a travel case and pair of work gloves. Buy them here. 

Best All-Around Performance

TOPDC Heavy-Duty Jumper Cables

Road Warrior

Long-lasting performance in all conditions.

What We Liked

Designed to create a strong grip on the top or side posts of different car or motorcycle batteries, these jumper cables stretch to 20 feet for front-to-back connectivity between larger-size vehicles. The CCA (copper-coated aluminum) cables offer good conductivity with durable PVC coating to ensure things keep working down to extreme temps of minus 40 degrees. Get them now.

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