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Best Long Sleeve T-Shirts for Women

Long sleeve tees are worn as casual tops by themselves or under your favorite top. They’re a comfortable solution for keeping warm or a fashionable answer for keeping cool. With this much versatility, it’s easy to see why so many women love to have several colors and a variety of materials to choose from for their favorite tops. We picked out four great products to help you find long sleeve tees you’ll love. Check out all four reviews because you might find that you’ll want more than just one type to suit different occasions.
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Most Comfortable Fit

Hanes Sport Women's Long Sleeve Tee

A Comfy Fit

Loose, cool, and comfortable. That’s how this soft long sleeve feels and fits. 

What We Liked

The seams for the neck, sleeves and bottom hem are crafted for both durability and looks. There’s no tag and nothing like this cozy shirt for working out, as an undergarment, or by itself. As a workout shirt, it has cool DRI technology so it dries quickly. It also features FreshIQ odor protection to resist odors. It’s 100% Polyester, machine washable, and available in six sizes with a choice of eight fashionable colors. Get it here. 

Softest Blend

Amazon Essentials Women's Long-Sleeve Crewneck T-Shirt

The long-sleeve shirt that has you covered.

Light, stretchy and long enough that you don't have to fight with the shirt to get it to cover your hips/belly and the sleeves actually cover your wrists.

What We Liked

You get a large selection of colors and sizes of this imported, machine-washable long-sleeve tee. It’s made of 56% Cotton, 38% Modal, and 6% Spandex, making it a very comfortable everyday shirt. Buy it now. 

Best Spandex

OThread & Co. Women's Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Over or Under

Wear it under your scrubs or by itself. Either way, you’ll love the way it feels and looks.

What We Liked

They’re super stretchy, form-fitting, and tuck in nicely. The 95% Modal/5% Spandex material won’t shrink at all from machine washing. The material is super soft, breathable, and not thin or see-through at all. They’re long enough to wear with leggings and match great for any occasion. You have a great selection of colors and sizes to choose from and you’ll love the silky feeling. Buy it here. 

Best Compression Fit

Neleus Dry Fit Compression Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Like a Second Skin

This athletic compression-fit long sleeve tee will hug your body for a lightweight and comfortable fit. 

What We Liked

These compression tees are made of a mix of 85% Polyester and 15% spandex. The machine-washable material is soft, breathable, and moisture-wicking to keep you dry, free from chaffing, and feeling comfortable. The shirts offer UPF 50 protection, are quick to dry and are water-resistant. Great for yoga, cross training, basketball, or any other sport. You’ll stay dry and comfortable and love the range of motion it has. These three-packs come in a big selection of colors and patterns. Get it now. 


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