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Best Lower Back Braces

Back pain is one of the worst discomforts imaginable. It can affect all aspects of your life, including work, favorite activities, and hobbies, as well as chores around the home. Simply trying to sit or sleep with back pain is difficult. Chronic back pain is overwhelming and deteriorating. Thankfully, you can potentially find a solution with a lower back brace. Though a back brace may not eliminate all back pain, it can substantially reduce agony and suffering with the right fit. Back pain doesn’t get better over time. In fact, it often gets worse. You should try to find a remedy before it is too late.

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Top Pick

Mueller 255 Lumbar Support Back Brace

Quality Lower Back Support. This highly-rated lower back brace has helped thousands of users.

What We Liked

Unfortunately, diagnosing and finding remedies for lower back pain is not always easy. The back and abdomen are complex, and aches and pains can originate from a number of sources, including strains, sprains, muscle spasms, and disc or arthritic conditions. The Mueller 255 Lumbar Support Back Brace may assist with a number of ailments. The brace is adjustable and features a lumbar pad for support. The pad is also removable if you want to try the brace without it. Along with the other two lower back braces we suggest, this model prevents brace rolling and bunching. Steel springs are built into the design to allow additional stability and to mold to your shape. The Mueller is available in two sizes: Regular (28-50 inches) and Plus Size (50-70 inches). Check out on Amazon.

Honorable Mention

Back Brace by Sparthos

Quick Back Pain Relief. This compact, breathable lower back brace can provide immediate relief from pain to help you get back on your feet.

What We Liked

The Sparthos Back Brace is designed to provide quick relief for back pain, herniated discs, sciatica, or scoliosis. Designed to be wearable whether you're walking, running, or bending, the Sparthos' adjustable lumbar pad offers more compression and a good fit. Additionally, this brace has vertical support bars to stabilize your back and prevent rolling. The material is breathable so you can wear it under any type of clothing without getting too hot. It's compact and available in three sizes: Small (26-40 inches), Medium (40-60 inches), and Large (60-72 inches).  Shop now on Amazon.

Honorable Mention

BraceUP Stabilizing Lumbar Lower Back Brace

Lightweight and Affordable. The mesh panel design is lightweight, cool, and comfortable.

What We Liked

The BraceUP Stabilizing Lumbar Lower Back Brace offers comfortable support while providing a full range of movement. The curved design of the brace minimizes slipping and bunching. It's breathable, mesh construction helps to release excess heat and sweat. Whether you're skiing, hiking, doing CrossFit or working around the house, we like BraceUP's design for its versatility and comfort. The velcro straps are tough and it comes in three sizes: Small/Medium, Large/X-Large, and XX-Large. Available at Amazon.


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