Best Nasal Sprays

Is there anything more uncomfortable than a stuffy nose? Nasal congestion affects your speech, your mood, and your ability to go about your day with ease. Fortunately, you can spray your congestion away. If you have sinus pressure, allergies, or a cold, there is a nasal spray for you. You don’t need a prescription, some of the best sprays are over-the-counter and ready to ship to your home. We’ve narrowed down the best choices, so you can truly get relief fast.

Best On-The-Go Spray

Afrin No Drip Extra Moisturizing Pump Nasal Mist

No Drips Here

Up to 12 hours of relief, without irritation.

What We Liked

No one wants a drippy nose. This nasal mist offers full relief without any mess or embarrassment. Bring it in your purse or bag for a quick fix. It doesn’t cause drowsiness, so spray away. Don’t worry about discomfort in your nose, either. Moisturizing ingredients soothe the nasal passages and clear congestion; no itching, fussing, or cleaning anything. Get it here. 

Most Powerful Spray

Vicks Sinex SEVERE Original Ultra Fine Mist

Fine Mist, Fast Relief

Feel this product working in seconds.

What We Liked

This is not your average nasal spray. It uses a fine mist to shrink nasal membranes and clear up your nasal passages. Within seconds, you will be able to breathe freely through the nose. Keep this product nearby if you have colds, allergies, or frequent sinus pressure. It lasts for 12 hours, so you can spray in the morning and feel relief all day. Buy it here. 

Most Natural Nasal Spray

XLEAR Nasal Spray

Safe, but Effective

Feel relief without feeling dry.

What We Liked

If other nasal sprays interfere with your medication or aren’t safe for your kids, try this one. This natural saline spray uses safe and natural ingredients that can be sprayed into the nostrils every day. Xylitol keeps nasal passages clear without drying them out. Moisturizing? Check. Safe? Check. Effective? Check. What else could you want in a nasal spray? Get it now. 

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