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Best Ping Pong Balls for Beer Pong

If you’re going to play beer pong—or any party or drinking game that requires some ping pong balls—then you need to buy the right kinds of ping pong balls, in the right quantity. You don’t want to go to any big box store and spend tons of money buying small packs of just little, orange ping pong balls meant for the average ping pong table owner. You want ping pong balls in certain colors and in huge quantities, because if you've ever played beer pong before, you know that those ping pong balls are going to get lost sooner rather than later. And you don’t want to stop the entire party just so you can all get on your hands and knees and start looking around for lost balls. Save the party (and your sanity) with one of these four packs of perfect ping pong balls for beer pong.

Best Multicolor

KEVENZ 60-Pack 40mm 2.7g Beer Assorted Ping Pong Balls

Pick a Color, Any Color!

Every player at your party can pick their favorite color for a rousing round of beer pong.

What We Liked

Don’t settle for just one color of ping pong balls, especially if you’re buying them in bulk, like you’ll want to do for a party. After all, your partygoers will likely want a little bit of variety, and different players may want to hoard certain colors of balls for themselves. This pack of 60 balls includes a range of colors, including lime green, dark green, baby blue, dark blue, light pink, magenta, yellow, and orange. Order Online.

Best for Pros

GoPong Official Beer Pong Balls

Play Beer Pong Expertly

You’re not some amateur beer pong player. If you take your drinking games seriously, you’ll want to buy the same balls the pros use.

What We Liked

These balls are regulation size, and you know they’re real, because they feature the GoPong logo right on the front of every single one. The 40mm seamless balls mean that you get a better bounce, and you can aim easily and correctly with every throw. There’s no need to worry about a ball making a wayward movement and throwing off your game. The pack holds 36 balls. Get It Here.

Best Quality

TADICK 100 Pack Beer Ping Pong Balls

Don’t Settle for Less

Yeah, ping pong balls are relatively inexpensive, but you shouldn't settle for the cheap stuff. Winning is too important, right?

What We Liked

You get 100 ping pong balls in multiple colors here, and they’re all made from 40mm PP material. The best part about this pack, though, is that the purchase comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. If you’re unhappy for any reason, you get your money back—all of it, 100 percent. Buy Online.

Best Bulk Buy

SportzGo 144 Beer Balls

Enough for Every Party

If you want to get the most beer pong balls for your money, look no further than this bulk pack. Get everything you need and more!

What We Liked

If more is always better in your eyes, then this is the pack of beer pong balls for you. You’ll get 144 balls, all with just the right amount of bounce and all with a special surface that repels dust and lint (meaning you never need to worry about some stray dirt specks from the floor messing up your bounce or your beer). All are one inch in circumference and made from high-quality celluloid. Order It Today.

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