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Best Pool Skimmer

It takes a small army of maintenance technicians equipped with chemicals, equipment, and tools to make sure pool water stays clean, clear, and debris-free from top to bottom. Backyard pool owners know the struggle, too. Between overhanging trees, yard clippings, and whatever else the wind blows in, the surface of any pool inevitably succumbs to a crust of (hopefully) organic junk. That's where pool skimmers come in. Used by world-class resorts, indoor gyms, and backyard pool owners alike, pool skimmers are crucial for maintaining the visual aesthetic and health of the pool's water, foundation, and even you and your family’s safety. And while it may seem like they're all merely nets attached to a pole, not all pool skimmers are created equal. We sorted through and found some of the best pool skimmers available that pool owners should consider when it comes to making sure their pool water looks and feels as best as possible.
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Most Compact

Aura Hand Skimmer

One-Handed Pool Skimmer

At only two feet long, this handheld pool skimmer is perfect for cleaning above ground pools, hot tubs, and spot treating any pool perimeter.

What We Liked

While most pool skimmers are attached to long, sometimes telescopic, handles that can be difficult for many to manage, this two-foot pool skimmer is great for smaller pools and spas. It's also ideal for those individuals who struggle to manage the weight and size of longer skimmers. Whether you have a quaint backyard oasis wading pool, hot tub, or even a koi pond that you want to keep clean, this compact device allows you to do it one-handed, which sparks an idea: Why not have a drink in your (other) hand while keeping the pool clean? Get it here. 

Most Lightweight

Hydrotools by Swimline Aluminum Handle Pool and Spa Skimmer

Pick Up Whatever Floats

Weighing in at just four ounces, this small and lightweight pool skimmer is designed for easy cleanup of bugs, leaves, and other debris in hot tubs, spa pools, and backyard ponds.

What We Liked

The Hydrotools pool skimmer measures in at under two feet (22 inches) and weighs a mere four ounces. This makes it manageable and easy to use for kids, the elderly, and able-bodied adults alike. If you enjoy relaxing on your favorite pool float while maintaining a clean pool in the process, this lightweight tool allows you to scoop up and discard even the tiniest of bugs, leaves, and other debris right when it falls into your scenic space. Buy it now. 

Most Versatile

U.S. Pool Supply Professional Spa, Hot Tub, Pool Hand Leaf Skimmer Net

Ultra-Fine Mesh Netting

Made of durable plastic with an 11-inch by 12-inch, ultra-fine mesh net, this two-foot pool skimmer offers easy, one-handed maneuverability and easy cleanup for hot tubs, kiddie pools, and smaller backyard pools.

What We Liked

Bugs, bees, leaves, and grass trimmings don't stand a chance against this small but efficient pool skimmer. Even the fur that sheds from your dog's back will get picked up in the ultra-fine mesh netting integrated into this sturdy little skimmer. The detachable, lightweight aluminum pole (12 inches long) can easily be swapped out with a large option if you've got a bigger pool area or require a longer reach. Buy it here. 

Best Reach

Swimline 8051SL Leaf Skimmer

Telescopic Adjustability

At a touch over 12 ounces, this versatile pool skimmer offers a lightweight aluminum handle that adjusts telescopically up to four feet in length (not including the net) to reach more surface area of pools of all sizes.

What We Liked

This telescopic pool skimmer from Swimline helps make cleanup easier for inflatable pools and hot tubs all the way up to full-size backyard pools. It features a telescopic aluminum handle that expands up to four feet in length for reaching the middle of the pool without being overwhelming to manage with two hands. The included net is made of extra-fine mesh to pick up leaves, bugs, and anything else that finds its way into your little slice of swimming paradise. Get it now. 


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