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Best Portable Beer Pong Tables

Think you’re above or too old for the beloved game for college students? Think again. Everyone can get in on the action with this fun drinking game that puts your beer-guzzling, ping pong ball-throwing skills to the test. And who even said you had to drink beer to make this game fun? Pop open some Champagne and start guzzling the bubbly. But not any ol’ table will work for your game. You’ll want one of these portable options for setting up a quick game while at home, camping, tailgating, vacationing, or anything in between. Have a look at our top picks below!

Best Light-Up Option 8-Foot Beer Pong Table w/Optional Cup Holes

Light Up the Night

A game of good-natured beer pong has never been so colorful before. Dazzle your family and/or guests with this eye-catching table!

What We Liked

Beer pong is the opposite of boring, so why not make it even more fun with some LED lights? This dry-erase beer pong table is extra-long, at eight feet in length, and it comes with color-changing LED lights. So, you can show off your favorite colors, your sports team’s colors, your wedding colors—whatever you want. Buy Online.

Best Basic Option 

GoPong 8 Foot Portable Beer Pong / Tailgate Tables

Fits Any Occasion

Why go for a fancy beer pong table when a high-quality basic option will work just fine? No frills here. Set up and go!

What We Liked

If you don’t need a bunch of fancy bells, whistles and features, you can go with a beer pong table that does one thing and does it well—allows you to play a great game of beer pong. This sturdy, black, totally portable table is eight feet in length, and it comes in black only. It also folds down into a neat carrying case. Order Yours Today.

Best Inflatable 

Air Pong The Table

Beer Pong Meets the Pool Party

What’s better than beer pong? What about beer pong in your swimming pool, the lake, or the ocean? Next level!

What We Liked

This inflatable beer pong table is truly one-of-a-kind. Clear, it inflates in minutes and then floats out to your desired location, giving you seven feet of fun. Don’t want to get out of the water to fetch more beer? The inflatable table includes a built-in cooler that holds more than 18 cans of beer, plus ice. And don’t worry about your cups sliding all over the place as you play; the polyvinyl playing surface and cup slots keep your drinks from flying. Get It Here.

Most Versatile

Best Choice Products 6ft Indoor Outdoor Portable Folding Plastic Dining Table

Use It Anytime

Think of this table as an addition to your home or backyard—not just a table pulled out at party time.

What We Liked

Some hosts don’t need a dedicated table just for beer pong. However, they might need one once or twice a year. For those people, why not purchase this six-foot, portable folding table? It can be used in any instance where you might need a table of any kind. Any event or activity that requires a table, this one has you covered, beer pong included. Ding: you just won’t find the beer pong markings or cup holes like you’ll find on these other dedicated beer pong tables. Buy It Here.

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