Best Ski Boot Bags For The Mountains

It’s almost ski season, and that means it’s time to get the gear out of the garage. A good boot bag is one of the most underrated pieces of equipment in your ski arsenal. Ski boots are awkward to carry around and can easily be damaged. Some of the high-end bags even have built-in heater elements to dry your boots out after a long day on the slopes or during your hot chocolate midday break. We took a look at the current boot bags on the market, and here were our three favorites.

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Best For Airline Travel 

Transpack Heated Boot Pro Pack


Convenient And Stylish. The Transpack Boot Bag heating units dry your wet boots. Make your early morning on the mountain more enjoyable with warm and dry ski boots.

What We Liked: 

The heating element to this bag is super cool. Being able to have warm, dry boots for multiple days of skiing is a great experience. Comfortable neoprene shoulder straps make carrying the bag a breeze. The Transpack pro bag also has lots of convenient pockets to store other gear like goggles, snacks, gloves, or whatever else you bring up the mountain with you. Get it today.

Warmest Boots

Sportube Toaster Elite Boot Bag


Top-Notch Quality. A high-quality, heated boot bag designed to dry your ski boots and keep them warm, heating up to 105 degrees Fahrenheit.

What We Liked: 

The size of the Sportube bag is great. You can comfortably fit your boots and other gear inside the bag for easy transport to the ski lodge. The heating element has a standard 110V outlet plug and also a 12V plug for the car. The zip-up floor mat is a great idea, allowing you to stand on it when changing in and out of your boots or snow pants. Get it now.

Best Gear Access

Thule RoundTrip Boot Backpack


Great Pockets For Storage. Multiple pockets to neatly store all your gear needed for a day on the slopes.

What We Liked: 

With two-way access, you can open up pockets on the front or top of the bag for easier access and packing. We really liked the crush-proof safe zone compartment to store your more sensitive items such as sunglasses, phone, or even a couple of sandwiches, and the side pockets are huge and perfect for storing your outerwear. The external lash webbing allows you to attach skis, poles, helmets, or anything else on the outside of the bag. While this bag doesn’t have a heater element like the first two bags, it does have grommets in the boot compartment to let water from wet boots escape. It's available today.



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