Best Sleeping Mat

For many adventurous individuals and travelers, nothing compares to sleeping in the great outdoors. The one caveat? Having to sleep on nature's floor. Not every campsite is a lush meadow or offers a comfortable pine needle cushion. Usually camping means finding the flatest surface with as few rocks and roots as possible. But regardless of where you find yourself, there's one piece of gear that's a must-have for getting a good night's rest, whether you're camping in the backwoods or backyard: a quality sleeping mat. Whether it's inflatable or stationary, nylon or memory foam, quality sleeping mats provide the creature comfort of sleeping at home wherever you go, especially if sleeping outside is a given. Check out some of these great options to ensure your next camping trips comes with the perk of getting a comfortable night's sleep.

Most Compact

Sleepingo Camping Sleeping Pad

Lightweight & Compact

Packable to the size of a water bottle, this lightweight and incredibly compact sleeping mat from Sleepingo is small enough to take anywhere while providing an incredible amount of comfort and support with it's diamond-shaped air pockets and two-inch thickness.

What We Liked

At 75-inches long and 25-inches wide, this sleeping mat fits most average-sized adults comfortably while remaining compact enough to fit into most single-person tents. It's made of a durable and tear-resistant ripstop nylon with 20 denier thickness that expands to two-inches when fully-inflated. Even when set directly on rough and rocky surfaces, the mat's interconnected air cells ensure you stay well-elevated, warm and dry. With a weight capacity up to 350-pounds, all it takes is 10-15 deep breaths to self inflate the mat fully. Get it here.

Best Design

Klymit Static V Sleeping Pad

Engineered for Optimal Comfort

This sleeping mat from Klymit was engineered from top to bottom to be the best and most comfortable possible surface, especially for tent camping and sleeping bag usage.

What We Liked

Available in a variety of colors, this sleeping mat weighs a mere 18-ounces and easily packs down into the included stuff sack to take up minimum room in a backpack or luggage. The 75D polyester is designed with an impressively comfortable V-pattern to support pressure points for back and side sleepers alike. The perimeters feature more rectangular air pockets and create a slightly elevated side rail to keep you in position in the center of the pad, while sleeping back reservoirs help to enhance both the warmth and comfort of your sleeping bag in conjunction with the pad. Buy it now. 

Most Durable

Outdoorsman Lab Sleeping Pad

Made for Comfort, Built to Last

With a patented design created to conform to your body's individual contours and shape, this easily-inflatable sleeping mat from Outdoorsman Lab is made of water and rip resistant nylon that'll last for years.

What We Liked

With this sleeping mat, you control your level of comfort with your own breath. About a dozen breaths is all it takes to fully inflate this ergonomically engineered sleeping pad designed to offer maximum comfort and support when sleeping outdoors. At 16-ounces and packable to 8x3-inches, the pad is virtually unnoticeable when lugging it to even the most remote campsites on foot. It's designed to fit a variety of sleeping bags and textured to prevent slipping and sliding, plus it's the perfect size for most adults. Buy it here. 

Most Comfortable

Better Habitat CertiPUR-US SleepReady Memory Foam Floor & Camping Mattress

Memory Foam

Easy to roll out and set up in seconds, this three-inch CertiPUR-US memory foam mattress available in three sizes helps to ensure comfort, durability and a good night's sleep, whether in the guest room or on the go.

What We Liked

Designed for travel but equally suited to have on hand as a last-minute sleeping surface for guest rooms and living room slumber parties, this compact memory foam mattress offers unrivaled comfort and convenience. While larger and heavier than compact camping air mats and full-size air mattresses, this CertiPUR-US memory foam floor and camping mattress is significantly more comfortable. It features clip design for easy rolling and unrolling and includes a fitted waterproof cotton terry sheet, non-slip water resistant bottom, easy carry handle, and top entry travel bag for storage and loading. Get it now. 

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