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Best Snow Boots for Boys

Does your child like to spend hours out in the backyard playing in the snow? Does your family take frequent trips to the slopes during ski season? However your child enjoys the winter weather best, make sure they’re protected through all their wintertime adventures, with the proper snow gear. You probably already have the basics on hand; winter coat, mittens or gloves, hat and scarf, but do you have the proper snow boots? You want their toes to be properly protected while out in snow banks or during snowball fights. The right footwear can mean the difference between a cozy and safe afternoon playing in the snow or your kids being miserable and stuck inside with cold wet feet. Check out these four best snow boots for boys, and outfit your child before snow season hits.
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Most Durable

Columbia Kids' Youth Bugaboot Plus Iv Omni-Heat Snow Boot

Pick a Shoe That’ll Withstand All Your Boy’s Adventures

Kids can get a little rowdy and play hard, so make sure their shoes will stand up to all the challenges they put them through.

What We Liked

This leather and synthetic rubber shoe offers protection up to the mid-calf area, with omni-heat technology that helps your child’s feet stay warm and retain heat, while also dissipating moisture, so, in other words, no stinky, messy, sweaty shoes after an afternoon of play. The 400g of insulation adds durability, and the seam-sealed construction prevents leaks. Get them here. 

Best Basic

Northside Boys Girls Toddler/Little Kids/Big Kids Frosty Winter Snow Boot

All the Basics, None of the Frills

Pay for the snow protection your child needs, and get a basic boot that does the job.

What We Liked

Sometimes you just want a basic tool that gets its job done well. That’s what this boot does, with a 100% nylon calf protector and rubber sole, and a lightweight, waterproof design. The fully insulated boot comes in black only, with a unisex design that will work for anyone in the family, with size options from ages one to 12. Buy them now. 

Easiest to Wear

GUBARUN Boys Snow Boots

These Boots Come On and Off in Mere Seconds

When it comes to dressing for the outdoors, stop the struggle and invest in outerwear your kid can put on with no help from mom or dad.

What We Liked

Getting ready to go out in the snow can be stressful. After all, getting a squirmy kid bundled up in all that outerwear can be a challenge. When it comes to these boots, it’s a little easier, though, because the quick slip-on, slip-off action and snaps mean even a toddler can put them on and take them off with no problems, no help needed. Buy them here. 

Best Fur-Lined 

DREAM PAIRS Boys Girls Insulated Waterproof Snow Boots

Added Insulation AND Style

A little faux fur adds a fashionable touch and extra comfort to these snow boots.

What We Liked

These snow boots come in an array of designs and colors, all with a fun faux fur lining, for options for every stylish kid. The tall boot shaft protects little legs all the way up the calf area, and the boots even come with a side pocket. Get them now. 


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