Best Stomp Pads for Snowboards

Stomp pads are used on snowboards to improve traction. Snowboarders have to unclip one of their boots whenever they load or dismount a chairlift. The surface on top of a snowboard can get slick and pose a tripping hazard. Stomp pads are peel and stick adhesives that go on top of the board to provide durable traction when the boot is out of the binding. Snowboard stomp pads are produced in different materials including rubber, foam, and aluminum. Stomp pads can get configured to take up as much or as little space on the board as recreationists prefer. Check out some of the best selections from Dakine, a leading manufacturer of stomp pads to find the right fit for your snowboarding needs.
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Top Pick

VEROMAN Snowboarding Stomp Pad

Beautiful and Attractive Stomp Pad. The most stylish series from Dakine offers five different prints to select from with multiple ways to configure on a snowboard. The peel and stick adhesive is easy to apply with a total footprint of 4.8 inches by 4.3 inches.

What We Liked: 

It is the little things in life that sometimes make all the difference. While most snowboarders focus on essentials like boards and clothing, we recommend that you don’t overlook a practical stomp pad. VEROMAN is the de facto manufacturer of high-quality stomp pads that also look incredibly stylish. The pieces are configurable for your preferred fit on the snowboard. The stomp pad is produced with durable-injection, molded urethane. The peel and stick adhesive is 3.95 by 3.95 inches. Strap onto your board and get ready to shred. Get it here.

Best Traction

Dakine Spike Stomp Pad

Useful Spike Pattern Stomp Pad. Stomp pad integrates a spike pattern into the peel and stick adhesive for improved traction. Item is sold in clear or black depending on how much you want the stomp pad to stick out on the snowboard.

What We Liked: 

The Dakine Spike Stomp Pad is another product to consider from the premiere outdoor gear and accessories manufacturer. The Spike Stomp Pad provides a molded spike pattern to improve traction. Whether you are loading onto or getting off a chairlift, you want to have a stable, rough surface to stick a snowy boat while dismounting/boarding. The Dakine Spike Stomp Pad improves traction with an easy-to-access spike pattern. The item is sold in clear or black depending on how much you want the stomp pad to blend in with the rest of the board, and the peel and stick adhesive is simple to apply. Snowboarders also have the option of cutting apart sections of the spike pad and reconfiguring the shape according to personal preference. Product is sold with a two-year limited warranty. Get it today.

Most Customizable

Toejamr Snowboard Stomp Pad

Customize Your Snowboard Stomp Pad. Set of pyramid studs are sold in individual pieces within one set. Nine pyramid studs are configurable on the snowboard to take up as little or as much space as you prefer. Pyramid studs are composed of high-quality aluminum.

What We Liked: 

This set is the best option for laying out the added traction however you prefer on a snowboard. The shape is in the fun shape of a wolf paw. It's made of long lasting ulta-light EVA foam - to increase air time! The pyramid studs from Toejammer offer an ideal balance between durability and traction. Stomp pad adds fun and traction in the lift line to steer the board.  Get it today.



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