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Best Tire Chains

Anyone who lives at high elevation or places with above average snowfall and ice knows that driving is significantly more dangerous. It goes without saying that, unless you absolutely must, you should stay off the roads when they're blanketed with snow or covered with ice. But for many people living in extreme conditions, that's simply not an option when you have to work, shop, and eat. The best thing you can do is make sure your vehicle is prepared. The best after-market product for winter driving, is a set of quality tire chains designed to give you the traction and control needed to drive safely on otherwise unsafe roads. We sorted through and found the best tire chains on the market to help make the choice a little easier on you–check them out below.

Most Functional

Security Chain Company SZ127 Super Z6 Cable Tire Chain

Lightweight & Easy to Install

Made from lightweight manganese steel alloy, these cable tire chains from Security Chain Company feature more narrow coils designed for passenger vehicles with limited clearance between the tire and sidewalls.

What We Liked

These Z6 Cable Tire Chains require only a 1/4-inch of clearance between your tire and the sidewall of the wheel well, which is less than half the space needed by most conventional tire chains. That's thanks to the low profile, coiled spring design with diagonal cross-member pattern that’s shorter, narrower and lighter than typical chains. Even with this lighter, more compact design, the chains are designed to reduce fly-off while driving and provide even better grip and traction than standard linked chains. The set of two chains comes with an installation and removal guide, waterproof gloves, a pair of rubber tensioners, and a nylon storage bag. Get it here. 

Most User-Friendly

Security Chain Company Peerless Auto-Trac Traction Chain

Jack-Free & Auto-Tightening

These Auto-Trac chains are easy to install without having to move or jack-up your vehicle, thanks to their self-ratcheting tightening system that automatically makes the chains tighter while driving.

What We Liked

The last thing you want to do when it's freezing cold and snowing is spend an inordinate amount of time or use tools to attach chains. Fortunately, these Peerless Auto-Trac tire chains from Security Chain Company do most of the work for you and install in mere minutes. All you have to do is connect the inside cable and attach the two self-tighteners and the chains do the rest. Made of manganese steel alloy, these chains meet S-class requirements to fit most SUVS and pickup trucks in addition to many smaller passenger cars. Buy it now. 

Most Durable

Koning Distribution XB-16 Snow Chains

Rust-Free Off-Roading Grip

Ideal for heavy-duty pickup trucks, commercial trucks, and RVs, these dual-sided, D-shaped linking chains with built-in rubber tensioners are easy to install and provide exceptional traction on snow, ice, and mud.

What We Liked

Not all tire chains are created equal, nor are they one-size fits all. Fortunately, for truck and RV motorists looking for a heavy-duty option designed specifically for larger commercial and recreational vehicles, the XB-16 snow chains from Koning are your huckleberry. The XB-16s are handmade in Italy with hardened manganese/nickel steel alloy, a durable and rust proof metal. These chains feature 16mm diameter, D-shaped chain links that provide excellent grip and traction on heavy packed snow, slick ice, and even mud. The chains come with integrated rubber tensioners, color-coded connection points for easy installation, plus a pair of gloves, kneeling mat, and reusable storage container. Buy it here. 

Most Dependable

Grizzlar GDP-265 Diamond Alloy Tire Chains

Superior Fit & Grip

Easy to install and compatible with a variety of vehicles with ABS, these diamond-patterned chains help provide better traction, braking, and overall performance in snowy and icy conditions.

What We Liked

These Grizzlar GDP-265 chains are simple to install, without having to use a jack, all you'll need is about a half-revolution per tire to complete the installation and tightening. They're constructed of long-lasting and corrosion-resistant manganese steel and feature 16mm chains with a diamond-style pattern designed to provide the best possible grip and braking without excessive clumping or build-up. Color-coded side chains make it easy to correctly size-up the chains with your vehicle's tires and the included tightening chain can be installed tool-free by hand. Get it now.

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