Best Tire Steps

Whether you need to get a closer look under the hood of your truck or need to reach the top of your vehicle for a good wash or to tie something to the upper rack, tire steps are a great way to position yourself higher up on a vehicle. Designed to fit over the vehicle’s tires, tire steps provide a secure step to stand on while working under the hood of a large vehicle or reaching something above. Design, size, and durability are all important factors to evaluate when selecting a tire step. We’ve reviewed four great tire steps on the market and provided their best features and benefits below.
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Best Fit 

Heininger Hitchmate 

Large Vehicle Tire Step

Vehicle tire step designed to fit tires up to 12.5 inches deep with a convenient storage bag.

What We Liked 

The Heininger Hitchmate fits all tires up to 12.5 inches deep. We liked that the step came fully assembled out of the box and that it was adjustable both in width and height. The 400 pound weight load capacity was beyond what we needed, but it gave us the confidence that we could work on our trucks without any safety issues. Plus, the bag made it easy to store when not in use. Order Online.

Steady Step 

Truck Tire Service Step 

Sturdy Truck Tire Service Step

Truck tire service step designed with durable, dimensional design meant to aid steady footing while working on the hood or roof of a vehicle.

What We Liked 

The Truck Tire Service Step fits any tire up to 12 inches deep. We liked that this step was incredibly durable and sturdy. We were able to wash and wax our track from top to bottom with the use of this tire step. The 300 pound weight load capacity was enough for our needs, and we felt the cheese grater step design provided great footing, keeping us safe and secure as we worked higher up on the vehicles. Get It Here.

Best Tire Protection

OEMTOOLS 24913B Adjustable Tire Step 

Protective Tire Step

Adjustable tire step designed with rubber bumpers to protect vehicle tires from damage while in use.

What We Liked

The OEMTOOLS 24913B Adjustable Tire Step fits tires up to 7.5 inches deep. We liked the strong stainless-steel construction of this tire step. The green powder coated finish gave us a great visual to safely step up and down when working on the vehicle. Also, we found the rubber bumpers on the back of the steel legs protected the tires from any damage while in use. Buy Now.

Most Adjustable 

Performance Tool W41039 Non-slip Truck Tire Service Step 

Adjustable Tire Step

Tire service step that can be adjusted to four different height positions for easy and safe reach to higher points of a vehicle.

What We Liked

The Performance Tool W41039 Non-slip Truck Tire Service Step fits tires up to 13 inches wide. We liked the non-slip surface of this tire step. The ability to adjust the height to four different positions was great for accommodating everyone, regardless of their differences in height. We found the tire step easily folded flat, and it was great to use while washing vehicles and loading the racks. Order Now.

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